7 Things You Need to Remind Yourself to Be a Kickass Girlboss


girlboss, noun: a female who runs her own empire in small or large fashion, or who takes charge of her own life and believes in her successes. "Becky is a total girlboss."

Ladies, do you want to know the single, perfect recipe to being a girlboss and getting what you want? Then, you might not want to be here listening to me. Although I was 21 years old when I launched my business and began to live the life I had always dreamt of, the word "girlboss" means a million different things to different gals.

Some say you have to be a Fortune 500 company executive (or Martha Stewart) before you're granted the title, and others say a girlboss is merely a lady who gets stuff done and believes in herself wholeheartedly. Because of this fact, I can't speak for all girlbosses. I speak to girlbosses more broadly, with an emphasis on any woman who has an entrepreneurial spirit at her core (regardless of whether or not she has made six figures).

I still struggle to land clients, feel optimum self confidence and even function on a day-to-day basis. I have boy (and girl) problems, I feel like that one skirt doesn't flatter my skin and I have no idea where my business will be in a year. I'm not perfect, and no girlboss should be. Which leads us to our first point.


When I started this journey of being my own Chief Executive Officer (or "girlboss"), little did I know what I was in for--as many of us girlbosses don't when we start our first entrepreneurial endeavor. I learned this fact quite quickly: you don't have to be perfect. You just have to try and say "I did my best." Even if your hair is in a messy bun and your shades are masking last night's fight with your boyfriend who just doesn't get your success--you will rock out that work day and do it better than ever. Take a page from every girlboss' book when I tell you you are perfect as you are and whatever you can give is good enough.


I mean it, girl! You're one-of-a-kind and no one can replace you. That goes for that new job, your annoying date (or partner), your "friends", all the way down to what's in your closet or your fridge. Never settle--I mean it. This is the piece I struggle the most with, as I'm definitely a "fixer" and try to help others before I help myself. "Fixer" is not synonymous with "girlboss". "Thriver" is more like it. Live with no apologies and don't accept what you know you're not worth. In the words of a fellow girlboss, Joy Wilson, "You're not the kind of girl who settles. Keep not settling."


Similar to the point made above, fleeting pleasure is nice, but it's not lasting happiness. Don't sacrifice what you may crave or want in the moment for something that will provide wholesome, true happiness and joy. The number one priority of a girlboss should always be her happiness, so if you're not happy, scrap the plan.


I also equally mean this. If you feel as though something or someone is wronging you--go with your gut. If you don't feel as though this new relationship or job opportunity will give you the utmost joy and pleasure, go with your gut and simply say: "No thank you." There's absolutely no reason to doubt your intuition. Women have strong intuition for a reason!


Being productive is another large aspect of a girlboss' life and needs to be a thing that you implement into your daily regimen. Doing the necessary to-dos on your list should be a given, and learning to better prioritize these things can be an adventure, but a vital one. I've started using OneHive after doing client work there, plus I bought a small journal planner at Target and have a physical method of crossing off items as well. Having both a digital and paper copy drills my to-do list into my brain and also helps me find a sense of accomplishment when something is checked off.


Keeping your daydreams alive is so, so important to your creativity and imagination. Dreaming of that new restaurant you've been meaning to try, your next tropical vacation (for when you make the six figures, you know) or your someday career keeps your spirits high and allows you to reach for the stars. Even if every dream doesn't come true, it gives you a starting point, a foundation--something to grow from and something to aim for.


Listen up! This is the biggest lesson of them all. If you combine all the previous six points, you'll get this final point: just stop doing the things you hate. Don't accept that promotion if it will make you miserable (even though it'll give you a pay raise), stop accepting miserable people in your life and stop making excuses for your choices. You do you!

Bad bitches are taking over the world. -Sophia Amoruso, Author of #GIRLBOSS

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