Ladies, Don't Be Haters.


I have to say: blogging is most always inspired by the things that make us bloggers tick. The nitty-gritty experiences in life that solidify and reinstate our greatest values and sentiments. Yesterday, I was reminded of the true disgust and hatred that remains within the female race for those of our own kind.

A sad statistic was mentioned in the documentary Miss Representation (2011) claiming that on more than one occasion, it has been females that make up the majority of those that vote against females in positions of political power and disapprove of a female's opportunity for success in these positions. It is ignorant to ignore these trends of prejudice at the roots where they flourish.

Four years ago, my worth was consistently downplayed by someone who I believed I was in love with. He engaged with another girl inappropriately, and not just any girl: his best friend. She quickly extinguished the situation, and she and I became friends.

Although this may have been a surface friendship, it got us both through some of our roughest moments as young teenagers. This friendship taught me a heck of a lot about how women were designed to treat other women. In a slightly humorous but truthful list, I created a "Code of Sisterhood." These are the rules I have come to understand as the guide for how I treat women.

The Code of Sisterhood:

  1. Always let her explain herself, and believe her when she does.

  2. Don't hate her because she has differing views from your own.

  3. Always give her the benefit of the doubt when she says she's sorry.

  4. Don't deny her respect because she is below your standards of "beauty."

  5. Regardless of how well you know her, give her a shoulder to lean on if needed.

  6. Instill your life lessons and wisdom in her, no matter her age in comparison.

  7. Mentor her when she needs it and retreat when you're finished.

  8. Give her that fashion advice, girl!

  9. Always make sure to tell her when she has a piece of lettuce in her teeth.

  10. Never hold a grudge against what she does with her body.

  11. Support her in her decisions. All of them.

  12. Use your position to open the door to opportunities that will better her life.

  13. Let her borrow your clothes, even the cute ones.

  14. Provide a positive climate of food-love + body-love.

  15. Be open to learning from her. Each girl has a unique story to tell.

  16. Most importantly: when you hear sexist comments from guys, confront them.

With all the disaster, hatred, prejudice and sheer violence that our world experiences on a daily basis, this is one more conflict we do not need to entertain.

Yes, I've done my fair share of women-hating. I have zero desire to be a misogynist, nor a misandrist. I am a feminist. I believe in the "social, political and economic equality of the sexes." This does not mean that I will never disagree with a female's opinions, but I will respect her womanhood completely. Do you?

(a collage of some of the most driven, wonderful women I've had the pleasure to know)