20 Little Known Facts About Me (Emma)


Growing up, I was always really eclectic. I was homeschooled and never conformed to what people thought I should be. Fashionably Frank is a lot like that, we may be "just another lifestyle blog", but there is nothing ordinary about us! We genuinely care about what we're saying on this blog and the messages that we strive to convey. This opportunity to write for FF is truly a privilege. Today, I want to share 20 little known facts about me so you can get to know me better!

I've been a part of Fashionably Frank since February of this year and it's been one of the greatest experiences I could have ever asked for. I'm lucky to have a loving and supportive teammate in Kathryn; we always have a good time even when it's all business! Being the newest member of the FF family, I feel like you (the readers) could get to know me a bit more.

In my posts, I always try to share bits and pieces of my life and use my experiences to educate or shed light on specific things. I wanted to lay out all the different parts of myself that make me ME! Let's dive in:

1. I have lots of random scars from my childhood. I have a big one on my ankle from when my brother ran into me with a Go-Kart! 

2. I hate the smell of fish, but I'll eat sushi. It's very weird

3. I love kids and spending time with them, but I'm not sure if I want any of my own! We'll have to wait and see!

4. I originally wanted to be a chiropractor, and I got into a very competitive program for it. I changed my mind though!

5. I LOVE Reese's cups! In other words: I have a major sweet tooth.

6. My favorite thing to do is walk around Target while eating popcorn from the cafe. Who doesn't love a good Target run?

7. I have a really terrible memory - don't be surprised if I tell you the same thing twice!

8. I just finished a 5.5 week training to be a flight attendant. In that time I actually lived in a hotel! Come fly with me on Alaska Airlines!

9. Like every other 23 year old, I'm a Netflix addict. I love to binge watch! 

10. I love to swim and was a swim instructor for nine years. My favorite was teaching Mommy + Me baby classes.

11. My favorite thing to do to de-stress is to watch funny video compilations on YouTube. 

12. I live in Vancouver, Washington, but I'm moving to Los Angeles for a few months of flying!

13. My favorite number is two, and I was born on the 22nd of August. I'm a Leo!

14. I love being there for my friends and giving advice, although it's not always good advice :)

15. I have really vivid dreams every night! I usually always remember them the next morning. 

16. My favorite flavor is always chocolate. Give me a choice and you know what I'll pick!

17. My best friend passed away recently and it's made me think differently about life, who I surround myself with and how precious family and friends are. 

18. Along with my pet hedgehog Felix, I have two dogs and a cat named Fat Louie (he's our Lead Creative Consultant here at FF). His favorite thing is playing fishing games on my iPad.

19. I'm a second degree black belt in Taekwondo! I don't practice anymore, but it taught me self-defense and self-confidence.

20. I love all things Disney! I've been to Disneyland California and Disneyland Paris. I really want to go to Disney World. 


Now, I want to get to know YOU! What's something about yourself that people wouldn't typically know about you? Sound off in the comments!



Emma is a part-time contributor at FashionablyFrank.com, bringing her love for travel and exploration. Since graduating from The Evergreen State College (Washington) in 2013 and living in London, England for almost 1.5 years, she is now a flight attendant with Alaska Airlines. In her spare time, she enjoys embroidery, travel + breakfast food.