5 Common Mistakes of the "Marketing Guru"

Watch out for these common faux pas when hiring your next marketing expert. When I say "common faux pas",  I mean the too-often made mistakes of self-proclaimed "marketing gurus" that equally as often go unnoticed. I've witnessed these boo-boos happen far too frequently.

The use of copyrighted material

Many "professional marketers," sadly use copyrighted material without giving proper credit to the owners,  nor linking back to the direct URL where they discovered the material. Sure,  I use Pinterest photos in my "Picspiration" series,  but I direct my readers back to the board where they can find the individual pins. Using copyrighted photography or graphic art on website design or within commercial collateral is a different story,  however.

A white page with some black text, i.e. YAWN!

Nobody wants to see a "skilled Internet marketer" utilize a blank webpage with an outdated font and small, awkward images. Booooring. I'm all about minimalistic style, but not website templates from the 90's! Potential clients and admirers expect your self-proclaimed skills to shine through your personal pages,  as well as your example works. That means any blogs,  websites and social media profiles you manage should be top-notch and up on their 21st century game!

Zero rich media content

When you visit a website or social media channel of a professional you're vetting,  and there isn't some sort of large scaled rich media (directly uploaded video,  photo,  Vine or YouTube) on either the homepage (or within the latest five posts),  your discovery should take you by surprise. A good marketer knows that rich media is key for inbound marketing and can sometimes even triple your engagement rate.

Too much clutter

Missing navigation,  a lack of social media links (or broken links),  a novel of text on the homepage,  a sidebar long enough to stretch the height of the average American male--all hints that your guru isn't a very organized worker. If they don't dedicate the time to improving their personal online presence,  what will they do with yours?

Content that lacks purpose and/or relevance

I love bragging about all the wonderful people in my life as much as (okay, maybe more than) the next person,  or sharing my favorite bits about my new haircut,  but a blog or website that is primarily dedicated to content that has little-to-no relevance for its audience is another sign that your pro is a phony. Besides clarity,  the other key to brand recognition is to focus on what you have to offer your customers. Your CTA (Call-to-Action) will keep them coming back time and time again!

What faux pas would you add to this list?

5 Common Marketing Mistakes to Avoid