DIY : Quick, Easy + Cute Mason Memory Jar


For the longest time, I had the memories of my sweetie and I stashed away in a big wooden box in my closet. They weren't easily on display, and I couldn't remember all of the wonderful things we have done together. I came across this incredibly easy DIY on Pinterest and although any of us could've thought about it without a pin, I wanted to share it for those of you looking for a fun project with little to no cost.

This project literally cost me ONE DOLLAR. Yes, $1. It also took just 5 minutes! This is the "quick, easy, and cute mason memory jar" DIY! All you need for this project is a permanent marker and clean mason jar (size of your choice). I bought a plain mason jar at the dollar store. If you want to fancy yours up a bit, you could add a paper lining or perhaps tie a cute bow at the top. Then, go grab your memories!

I chose as many memories as I could stuff into the mason jar, including transportation and activity tickets, maps from vacations, a pair of 3D glasses from our first 3D movie together (which I complained about a lot beforehand... it was a Superman movie--go figure), a pass for the Museum of Anthropology in Vancouver, B.C., the Eiffel Tower necklace he bought me (I dream of honeymooning in Paris), as well as the box for my ring.

This is what I came up with. I made sure the necklace was showing prominently on one side (the front when I display it on my desk shelves). After I finished, I doodled on the top of the jar so no one would mistake the jar for a jar of trash Kathryn was collecting!

Forgive my awful, crooked heart.

Did you decide to try this easy craft? Send me photos of your jars on my Facebook wall for everyone else to see!