Meet Mocha

This is Mocha, our family hound. Black labs have been a thing in our family, ever since I was 7 and begged my parents to buy me a puppy. My folks drove all the way from Olympia to Woodinville, Washington to ensure that their little girl met the perfect furry friend. This furry friend we later named Tess (the name of my babysitter growing up). We shared over a decade of love and wonderful memories with Tess, until she passed a couple years ago from cancer.

Along came Mocha. We rescued Mocha from an unsafe living situation--residing in a home close to the highway where the owner's small children would leave the front gate open (of course, they knew no better).

Mocha is now extremely happy in her new home: fetchin' sticks, rollin' in the dirt and doin' all them good doggy things. She is one of the reasons I so miss living at my parents' house.

I mean, those eyes, though. We're pretty sure she has some sort of Shepherd mix--she's not all lab.

Mocha is one of a kind. I know this post had little to no purpose; I just had to share how cute our little sweetpea is.