These Moments of Limbo

Life is the most beautiful in moments of limbo. Not knowing what tomorrow is going to bring, not knowing why yesterday existed the way it did... yet knowing everything will be okay. In moments of limbo, of transition, I am able to truly appreciate each and every opportunity that has been bestowed upon me. My education. My community footprint. My inspiration. My job. My family. My friends. My support system. The loves of my life. The values that were imprinted on my soul. The wisdom. The sentimental nature of spirit. The dedication. The ability to hold great integrity. The ability to be loved and let myself be loved. The ability to live honestly. The ability to know what exactly self-respect means.

No one is born with these intact. I've come to realize that each and every one of these are not solidified; they are replaceable, removable. In a single day, an individual can come to acknowledge everything they have. No one is great, fantastic perfection. Every single belief, trait, and prerogative is there for a reason, because of another reason. How you treat others is your legacy. How you utilize compassion is the mark you will leave. Did you stand up when wrong overpowered right? Were you helping, or were you waiting for the helpers?

"As long as we laugh out loud... laugh like we're mad. 'Cause this crazy, mixed up beauty is all that we have. Because what's love, but an itch we can't scratch? A joke we can't catch... God, but still we laugh. It's gonna be okay, 'cause I'm okay with me. It's gonna be a good day; just wait and see." ~Jewel, "Good Day"