52 Lists Project (#52ListsProject): Most Memorable Parts of 2017 (the Year)

Most Memorable Moments of 2017

This week's #52ListsProject prompt is "The Most Memorable Moments of the Year". When you remember 2017, what do you look back on and smile at the most? What about the difficult parts?

  • Leaving my desk job to launch my business full-time and taking that scary leap!
  • Founding the Oly Girlboss Collective, an entrepreneurial support group for biz owners.
  • Celebrating 4 years with Jared, the love of my life.
  • Journeying through some health problems with my mom, contemplating life and mortality.
  • Preparing for my mom's retirement in spring of 2018.
  • Increasing my biz income 600% in just 7 months.
  • Adding someone to my biz team who I can outsource to and grow with.
  • Experiencing the task of having an intern on this blog (eeeee!).
  • Dealing with the regular bouts of imposter syndrome and competitive vibes from an individual who eventually taught me so much about myself, my ethics and what I want for my clients and out of my career. (#BizLife!).
  • Turning 23 and realizing the first quarter of my life is likely over. Scary stuff!
  • Another year of not having to work Black Friday and spending a quality Thanksgiving with family (the first Thanksgiving my boyfriend has had completely off from work!). We stayed up pretty darn late and played board games until we were hysterically cry-laughing.
  • Getting horrifically sick with the winter blues on Christmas Eve, lasting well through New Year's and after. The first time I can actually remember that I was sick for Christmas!
  • Dealing with differences between myself and a few clients, learning how to be pickier about which clients I take in my biz in 2018 and when/how I am able to work at my optimal best version of self.


These are just a few of my most memorable moments. What does your list include?

I'm participating in the #52ListsProject created by the founder of Moorea Seal, a Seattle-based boutique with the adventuresome spirit of the great Pacific Northwest, plus a fresh, chic and sleek approach to modern women's accessories and decor with a touch of rustic sensibility. Join me, won't you?

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Most Memorable Moments of 2017




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