Moving Through Grief When Times Are Hard


This is something that I’ve wanted to write for a really long time, but I wasn’t in the mental space to do so and I always felt embarrassed about grieving in public or showing my vulnerability.

I’ve always felt like I’m taken less seriously when I share my emotions and make myself vulnerable to people. The reality of this is the more cut off I made myself from feeling emotions, the worse I started to feel.

Almost exactly two years ago, I went through a major loss in my life when my childhood best friend passed away extremely unexpectedly. One moment she was here and the next I received a phone call from her mom saying she was gone. It still feels like I should be able to drive to her house and knock on her door and see her face even two years later.

Even a girlboss needs someone to talk to and I’ve gone through some pretty intense grief counseling and therapy to try and process everything. I’ve been slowly learning that showing that vulnerability and opening up to others is how I’m able to grieve!

Everyone is different and processes differently, but being open with my friends about my loss has not only made me closer to them but has also helped me realize that no one is here forever and we appreciate them while we can.

Girl, if you’re going through something, all I have to say is that it’s O.K.! It's O.K. to feel loss and vulnerability, and any form of brokenness can slowly heal. Keep going, you got this. ;)

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