A Museum Dedicated to How Much You Suck at Love (Museum of Broken Relationships)

May the bridges I burn light the way

A museum dedicated to how much you suck at love? No way! There couldn't be! Yep. There would be. Meet the Museum of Broken Relationships (Los Angeles, California).

Getting their start when founders (an artist ex-couple) in the midst of their own breakup wondered what others did with the meaningful objects and sentimental pieces from their once incredible romantic relationships. By 2006, the ex-couple had their first exhibit and the museum then toured internationally, finding its permanent home in Zagreb, Croatia in 2010.

This year, in 2016, John B. Quinn founded the Los Angeles museum location, in "a city of dreams – many realized and many not – which often leave broken relationships in their wake."

Each artifact in the exhibit is donated by individual people, from a past failed relationship of theirs. Not only does this donation provide the owner with therapeutic relief, it gives them an opportunity to share their story anonymously to a crowd of people that are genuinely interested.

As the museum shares: "Love relationships may end; relationships with family members, business partners, cities, religions and even with our former selves may end. But we learn and move on."

Celebrating these incredible moments - milestones in our lives is so important. Being able to cherish these memories while letting go and moving on at the same time is truly a gift.

Would you visit the Museum of Broken Relationships? Would you take your lover or your ex?

*All images from Museum of Broken Relationships on IG