The Ultimate National Parks Bucket List

National Parks Bucket List

I love making bucket lists. I see it as setting goals for yourself to make your life the best that it can be. Check out my 2017 travel bucket list on the blog for inspiration if you want more! Today, I'm declaring my ultimate National Parks bucket list in hopes that this will inspire you to write your own!

I am a huge travel nerd and I love filling my time with as much adventuring as I possibly can. I always thought it would be really neat to visit as many National Parks as I could. National Parks are all so different from each other and important for preservation, education and ecology.

Great Smokey Mountain

Located in Tennessee, this National Park draws in visitors with its beautiful scenic views and nearby hiking trails!

The Grand Canyon

An iconic wonder of the earth, the Canyon is located in Arizona and hosts a number of activities including hiking, rafting and much more.


Located in California, over 5 million people come to this canyon for the beautiful views of Yosemite Valley and the river that cuts through.

National Parks Bucket List

Rocky Mountain

This park located in Colorado is a host to over 150 lakes and over 400 streams. Filled with varying ecosystems, this national park is a serious dream!


The iconic Yellowstone is located in Wyoming, Idaho and Montana and is the country's very first National Park signed into law by President Ulysses S. Grant in 1872!


Spreading over a million acres in Montana, this park is known for sprawling views and beautiful drives.

Kenai Fjords

Located in Alaska, this park offers abundant wildlife, glacial views and the wonderful trademark views that sets Alaska apart from the rest.


Which National Park would you like to see? Add more parks to this list in the comments below!

National Parks Bucket List




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