Natural Valentine's Day Makeup Tutorial

I am in no way a trained make-up professional, but I've had a passion for makeup ever since I started wearing it! I enjoy the artistic side of makeup, and being able to play with colors and making my look for the day represent how I feel. I've put together a super cute, very simple, Natural Valentine's Day Makeup Tutorial that can be easily recreated with the makeup you probably have already!

Here's my bare face selfie! I used my regular foundation routine, a liquid followed by a powder to help make my face more matte and to set it for the rest of the day.

I started the eyes with Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion, but you can use any primer. I prefer using primer because it really does help your look stay in place, prevent creases, and stay pigmented!

I used a shimmery white color all over my lid and brow bone, and then I went over that with a gorgeous rose gold color. You can use any white, silver or pink for your lid.

After you feel like a silvery princess, apply any light brown or grey into your crease. I used a small fluffy brush to give it more of a smoky blended look. I wanted to stay away from any harsh lines on my eye shadow for this look.

You can also use a little bit of your darker shadow on the outside corners of your bottom water line, I prefer this to eyeliner especially with natural looks. I did not do this that day because my eyes kept watering due to allergies, and that would not have been cute!

Also apply mascara if you choose to do so. I actually haven't worn mascara in a few years, and I prefer to rely on the length of my natural lashes. I can talk about this in a future post at some point!

For a no-mess wing, use a little bit of clear tape! Put it onto your wrist first to make it not so sticky, then place the tape where you want the wing to be. This will help you get a clean line if you haven't had as much practice with wings.

I went for small, thin, wings. But feel free to make them however you prefer! If you don't want to wing, feel free to just line your eyes.

I also filled in my eyebrows, I use Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow in Dark Brown. When you fill your eyebrows in, feel free to line the outside of them with highlighter or concealer to make your lines look cleaner. This is in no way necessary, just what I like best on myself!

After your eyes and brows are finished, feel free to use any highlighter or bronzer! I used Anastasia Beverly Hills power contour kit in Light. I used a darker color in the hollows of my cheeks, hairline, and my chin. I highlighted my forehead, nose, and my cheek bones. Don't forget to use a touch of blush to give your face a rosy cheeked cuteness!

To take this look into night, use your favorite bold lip.

Have a romantic day!

Love, Emma

Natural Valentine's Day Makeup Look
Natural Valentine's Day Makeup Look