Easy Ultimate Night Routine Checklist - FREEBIE PRINTABLE!

Getting ready for bed is one thing, but being fully prepared for tomorrow is another challenge! And can we just talk about how annoying teeth brushing is!? I've created this freebie printable Ultimate Night Routine Checklist for you ladies looking for an easy way to stay on track.

Aside from the obvious teeth brushing and flossing that ensues every night, sometimes we need a reminder on the other aspects of prepping for the new day ahead of us and keeping our spaces clean + tidy. Having this type of checklist really helps me.

Instead of forcing yourself into unrealistic expectations to keep your home/apartment spotless throughout the week, tidying up your room before bed is an easy way to help meet this desire. A couple weeks ago, I wrote a piece on cleaning your space in an attainable fashion. Check it out for further ideas.

In addition to tidying up your room, setting out your outfit for the next day is key to waking up in a good mood, ready to start your day (at least for me!). Here's to prepping coffee and the breakfast table early, too!

Most importantly: setting up a to-do list will lead you to success and prime organization. I can't tell you how many times I've forgotten to do these pieces of prep work and how disorganized/chaotic I feel for the next 24 hours.

This checklist covers ALL OF IT! It can be printed out and placed in your daily planner, or hung on your wall for easy access and marking. To download the night routine checklist printable, sign up to our weekly mailing list (below) and you will be sent an email with the password to our FREEBIE LIBRARY!

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