No-Cost Valentine's Day Date Ideas

Don't have a fortune to spend on your Valentine? I feel it! And there's truly no need. If your Valentine is in high school, college, or simply doesn't have the best paying job at this moment in time, there's a variety of fun, no-cost (or FREE) Valentine's Day date ideas you can indulge in instead.

1. Movie night in. Grab a bottle of whatever you have laying around your place, grab a movie you already have (or turn on the TV if you have cable) and snuggle up!

2. Cook together. Using whatever is already in your kitchen/fridge. Take the time to get creative! Perhaps the meal won't turn out to be the greatest-tasting, but you had the opportunity to bond with each other and have fun!

3. 20 questions (or more like 200). Grab a blanket, start cuddlin' and ask questions back and forth get to know each other better. This strengthens your relationship while allowing you to spend an intimate evening inside (out of the rainy February weather).

4. Bike ride, walk, run, whatever floats your boat. Do you have hotter weather where you are? Take advantage of this day with your sweetie and GET OUTSIDE! Take a walk, run or go for a bike ride.

5. Make your own spa day! If you live together (or are able to have the house to yourselves), set a romantic tone with a bubble bath, candles and massage oils (if you already have essential oils laying around the house, these are also great for massages).

6. Game night! Wipe off the dust from your favorite board games and make it a night of friendly competition.

7. Indulge in a tour. Many of your local breweries, governmental landmarks and museums should provide free hour-long tours. Go Google some of your favorites and check their offerings.

8. Daydream. If you've been together for a while, you may have some sort of an idea as to how long you envision being together and what your next step together will be. Take some time to daydream - brainstorm places you want to visit together, goals you want to accomplish together, etc. This will lead into deep conversations and contemplation.

9. Listen to some tunes. If you live in at least a good, medium-sized city, it's common that you'll be able to find some sort of free live music event or concert. We have bars in my downtown that throw free music events with optional beverages.

10. Do good deeds. Are you someone that enjoys helping your community? Make a volunteering day of it! Help build a garden, clean up your downtown streets, feed the homeless, etc. Use your love for each other to fuel love for your fellow citizens!

11. Produce your own photoshoot! Take your camera (it doesn't have to be a fancy camera - it can even be your phone!) around town, hit the major scenic spots along the way and practice your photog skills!

Which of these no-cost Valentine's Day dates are your favorites? Have any to add?

No Cost (FREE) Valentine's Date Ideas
No Cost (FREE) Valentine's Date Ideas