DIY : Tiered Organizational Makeup Dishes

For today's DIY, Savannah (from Brewtine) and I chose a very productive craft that helps ladies' makeup collections (or jewelry collections, whatever!) stay organized with a few simple steps. This craft is surprisingly cheap for the end result, and only costs about $10! This is an organizational tray made out of everyday dishes you would find in a kitchen.

What You'll Need:

  • 3 plates and/or bowls (from the dollar store)
  • 2 candlestick holders (also from the dollar store)
  • E6000 Nonflammable Industrial Strength Adhesive (at most hardware stores)
  • OPTIONAL: 1 black sharpie (you may opt for an oil base marker if you plan on ever washing the dishes after writing on them)

Firstly, you'll need to wash your dishes and candlestick holders, and dry them off so there's no trace of water. Then, if you wish to, you can create a little message or label with the sharpie on top of each dish. Perhaps you want to write what each dish will be organizing (for example, what I did: lips, eyes, face--one tier for each product collection). Of course, I have more makeup than what will comfortably fit on one stand, so I keep the rest in storage and only display the items I use daily.

After all of your dishes are ready how you like them, it's time to break out the industrial strength adhesive and get a-gluin'! First, place a candlestick holder upright on your bottom dish (I chose a medium-size plate for my first dish) and trace the outline with a pencil so you can remember where to place the holder once glued.

Then, apply just enough glue (but not too much) around the rim of your candlestick holder's bottom, and align it within the outline you sketched. Press lightly and hold it in place for a few seconds while the glue adheres. If your glue has any special instructions, follow those.

Repeat the same step for the second tier, gluing the top of the candlestick holder, and so on. It is important to check that the dishes are centered and level. I used a small-size plate for my second tier, followed by a small, deep bowl for my top tier. The drying process takes up to 48 hours, and may need some extra gluing, as mine did.

After your stand is complete, it's time to organize your products! Now you have a quick and easy way to put your face on in the morning, without searching through bins for your favorite eyeshadow with 10 minutes to get ready.

Did you decide to try this DIY craft? Send your photos to my Facebook page so everyone can see! Let me know how you decided to separate your tiers.