5 Perks of Being a Business Owner (Your Own Boss!)

Perks of Being a Business Owner

Many ask: what are the perks of being a business owner? While chasing paychecks and wondering if your client workload or customer orders will be as full next year, the beauty of being a business owner is one I wouldn't trade for the world.

While I'm writing this with those who are in consultant positions providing services vs. products in mind, these perks can certainly apply to makers, too.

you set the rules

Probably the greatest part of being a business owner is the notion that YOU set your own rules. You decide how things are run, you choose what to do first, you choose who becomes a part of your team and you set the schedule you operate on. Unlike a stiff 9-5, you control when you take a break (or if you do), when you go on vacation and when you clock out.

you learn what you're worth (& how to ask for it)

Asking for what you're worth is never easy, but it's necessary. I'm learning that more and more each day I run this business. A typical job would dictate your worth and tell you how much you "deserve" to get paid. I don't think so! I have been in job positions that underpay and devalue my worth and quite honestly got sick and tired of it. Even though it's uncomfortable, you learn to discover (and demand) what you are worth.

you escape office politics

You know, the he-said/she-said that gets old. Office drama (or "office politics") is never fun and can often distract you from the task at hand. I've had some atrociously terrible (yes, both those words were necessary) management experiences and was SO over it by the time I left and launched my business. Yes, client relationships will be difficult, but nothing like the expectations found in a stuffy office with gossip and hierarchy.

you can actually go wherever, whenever

As I mentioned earlier, you can vacation when you want, set client meetings when you desire and work from wherever you please - coffee shop today, home office tomorrow. I adore the freedom of this lifestyle and being able to switch up my plans here & there.

your resume is never fuller

Again, something you don't obtain with a 9-5 is an incredibly robust resume. You can stay at a job for 20 years and only have one position (albeit the tasks vary) to show for it, OR you can have 20 steady clients for 20 years and have a wildly diverse experience.


What are your business dreams? Have you launched yet, or thinking about it?
P.S. I say go for it :) I'm here to answer any questions you may have!

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Perks of Being a Business Owner




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