Consider This Before Getting an Adorable Pet Hedgehog

Consider This When Getting Your Adorable Pet Hedgehog

Who hasn't seen a cute hedgehog picture or video and wanted to cuddle one of those prickly cuties? I feel like the luckiest person sometimes because I have my own little prickle monster to love. Having my own pet hedgehog has been a rewarding experience!

I got Felix a few years ago in December of 2012. A friend of mine was moving to a state where they were illegal, and she asked me to take care of him. Felix was only a few months old when he joined our family!

I love being a hog mommy, and we share a very special bond. Before you go out looking for your own special pet hedgehog friend, here's some things to consider:

Hog Home

Hedgehogs need their own space, large open plastic tupperware bins are a commonly used home for hedgehogs. I use a big wide bin for Felix that can fit in his wheel, his little igloo house and a few toys! His favorite toy is a little Mini Cooper car.


Felix gets a bath about once a month, sometimes more depending on his mess making! I use shallow room temperature water and let him splash around in the bathtub or sink. You can use a couple drops of olive oil for moisture, or No More Tears baby shampoo. I also use a toothbrush to scrub his spikes!


Hedgehogs are "solitary animals" and nocturnal. A lot of hedgies can be pretty closed off when they first arrive, but most get comfortable within a few weeks. Spend lots of time with your new little baby! Make sure to expose them to lots of noises and people, but be careful not to stress them out too much.


Hedgehogs have a high protein, no grain diet! I joke all the time because that happens to be what I eat too! Felix loves dried meal worms and chicken as a snack.

Medical Care

When Felix needed medical care, I found a specialist in Olympia, Washington. Make sure you have someone nearby that could help in an emergency. There's a few websites online devoted to hedgehog love and care where you can find lists of Vets that can also do hedgehogs.

Happy, Healthy Hog!

Be patient with your new hog, it can get frustrating at first if they're taking longer to adjust. It can be really difficult, but every second spent with my hedgehog is totally worth it!

Why do you want a pet hedgehog? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!