Petcurean Go! Solutions Meal Mixers: The Nutritional Treat for Your Pup

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Previously, we teamed up with the lovely Petcurean to review their delicious NOW FRESH stews for dogs. This time around, we’re reviewing their new GO! Solutions Meal Mixers, perfect for adding a boost of vitamins and dietary supplements to improve the pup’s quality of life as they age. How sweet is that!?

These meal mixers are made with freeze-dried nutritional and functional ingredients including single source primary proteins and whole fruits and veggies that you can actually see! They offer four specialized recipes for dogs: Digestive Health Turkey Meal Mixer, Hip & Joint Support Pork Meal Mixer, Skin & Coat Care Salmon Meal Mixer, and Weight Control Turkey Meal Mixer.

From achy joints and tender tummies, to itchy skin and that spare tire around the middle, GO! Solutions Meal Mixers add nutrition while supporting and combating some of these most pesky issues that our pups deal with on the daily.

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Mocha was a huge fan of her Digestive Health Turkey Meal Mixer - de-boned turkey with pumpkin, probiotics and pre-biotic fiber from chicory root to support the maintenance of healthy gut bacteria! Pumpkin is a great source of dietary fiber, and prebiotic fiber acts as food for probiotics (good gut bacteria). She scarfed it right up and is looking forward to adding this as a regular item in her diet lineup.

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Frankie can be a picky eater sometimes, but she’ll never turn down some Petcurean! Frankie chose the Skin & Coat Care Salmon Meal Mixer. She’s a dry food girl, so Emma didn’t mix it with her food, instead she used them as treats and stuffing for her Kong toys and she LOVED them! As her dog mom, Emma loves the fact that it’s good for her skin and is grain-and-gluten-free! Emma is severely allergic to gluten and even contact makes her break out in hives, so she was happy and felt safe herself feeding them to Frankie! As far as her digestion and #2s go, Emma didn’t notice any difference so she knows it was gentle on her tummy.

Frankie and Mocha give these meal mixers four paws up and will definitely purchase this product from Petcurean in the future! If your pup would appreciate a little spice in their life, Petcurean’s line of delicious products can be found at a local pet store near you today!

*This is a sponsored post. We were happy to receive and review these products and will certainly be recommending them to all our family and friends, and using them ourselves after the fact! Our commentary is frank and our satisfaction has not been exaggerated.

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