Hacks to Consistently Grow Your Pinterest Following

If you're starting to use Pinterest as a means of directing traffic to your website, it's best you fully take advantage of its services in all their glory! This doesn't mean simply re-pinning cute content and following your friends in hopes they'll click through to your blog. Growing a Pinterest following is HARD WORK.

Hopefully I can enlighten your process with these Pinterest growth hacks and have your Pinterest following increasing in no time! I've been completing this regimen for the past two weeks and have seen an incredible amount of increase in followers, engagements and blog click throughs in 14 days alone. While I've always completed this work for my clients, it's sometimes hard for me to treat myself as though I am just as special!

Let's dig in, shall we?


The most important part in attracting new readers to your Pinterest profile is to have relevant boards that tie into your niche. I'm a lifestyle blogger with a focus on marketing, blogging and social media tips. Therefore, all of my boards reflect topics such as, "Social Media & Blogging", "Girlboss Tips", "Healthy and Delicious Food", "Fashion", "Travel", etc.

*These are the actual names of my Pinterest boards. You don't want to use any fancy names such as "Wanderlust Inspired", "Fashionista", "Get in My Belly!", "Drank", etc. This will make it nearly impossible to attract your ideal audience (unless your audience just so happens to be searching these exact keywords - that's when you know they're definite keepers!). People are searching for things like "cocktail recipe" and "blogging tips" - not "drank" and "blogosphere". Feel me?

People are able to search for boards that pertain to the subject they are looking for by clicking "Boards" on their Pinterest search filter - only boards that contain the exact searched keywords in the title are dominantly shown.


The last thing we want is a bunch of random images that don't look cohesive and pretty cluttering up your profile of many boards. I went ahead and created a base image, or "cover image" for each board. In the "Edit" section of each board (found when you view your whole profile), you can change the cover image of each board.

Once you add the custom image to your board, you are able to find it from this menu of all-time images. If you select a custom image, this image will not change no matter how many new pins appear on the board. If not selected, the board will default to choosing whichever image was most recently added.

You may not choose to get as crazy as me, and you may simply choose images that compliment each other's color schemes and overall theme, but I'm tellin' ya - universal cover images are where it's at in the Pinterest world nowadays!


Here's my secret formula for engaging your community and gaining a bigger tribe. You ready! Like. Like. Like. Re-pin (or comment). Follow. Repeat.

Easy peasy! Okay, not really. This takes some work, but who said growing your Pinterest following would happen at the snap of your fingers? 

By searching terms that relate to your niche (go ahead and try searching "cocktail recipe" or "blogging tips"), you're able to find boards from individuals (and the individual profiles themselves) who share your common interests and are pinning content from blogs that bear a resemblance to your own!

Once you find a few individuals that you think fit the bill of your ideal blog reader, go ahead and like 3 of their pins, re-pin or comment on a fourth, then follow them. Now when I say comment, no, I do not mean comment a thumbs up emoji or say "Cool!" Leave them a meaningful response - it's even better if you can find a board of their own content and leave a response to something of their own creation! I'm tellin' ya. It makes my day when I receive a sweet compliment from a new reader.

Unlike spammy marketers, only follow people who you truly feel as though you will learn from and enjoy content from. We are not going to unfollow these people after they follow us - we're all about #CommunityOverCompetition here at Fashionably Frank ;) You needn't bring others down just to grow your Pinterest following!


Group boards are my SAVIOR! Group boards consist of a variety of content creators all coming together to share their content on a particular subject. I'm part of plenty lifestyle, feminist girlboss and blogging-related group boards.

Most boards have rules, such as you can pin two images of your original content for every two that you pin of others'. However, some are a free-for-all and don't set limits. Decipher what is going to work best for you and go with your gut on what will give you the biggest bang for your buck.


I am IN-LOVE with Tailwind. I cannot believe I haven't bragged about this service in a past blog post. While I got most comfortable with the app watching my fellow girlboss marketing mentor use it on her clients, after I gained my own experience with it, I absolutely fell head-over-heels.

Tailwind is an Internet application that allows you to schedule out pins weeks (and months) in advance. For just $25/month (with an endless free trial - yes!), you can schedule all your pins in one night (maybe 40-60 mins. per week tops) and have Tailwind automatically spit content out throughout the week, consistently posting and engaging your followers.



Whether you're using Tailwind entirely for your pinning or you're mixing it with your own manual pinning throughout the week, it's important that you keep up a rhythm and consistency.

The biggest piece of advice I have for Pinterest users is this: you have to use the platform consistently in order to gain steady follower growth! You can't pin a bunch one day, leave for a month and come back for another day and expect to see growth (been there, done that).


While nobody can simply publish content of their own to Pinterest and hope people will click to their website, it is important that when you do publish your own content, you are creating valuable content that will resonate with your Pinterest following.

I typically suggest a 3:8 ratio for most of my clients and use this rule of thumb myself - for every 3 pieces of original content, I curate 8 more pieces of others'. Pinterest is all about curation and community. The sooner you realize this, the sooner you will unlock the key to this powerful platform.

Aside from these growth hacks, what have you found most valuable in your Pinterest journey? Leave your advice for others in the comments below!