DIY : Decorating Your Own Planner/Date Book

I'm a big believer in "vision boards" (or "dream boards"), and recently had a conversation with one of my girlfriends who mentioned jotting down notes to herself in her calendar book. Notes consisting of dreams or goals she would like to accomplish, and the good vibes she wishes the universe to bestow upon her. I was instantly inspired and decided to pick a planner up for myself.

I bought this one at Target for $9.99. Although I'm a big chevron print fan, I wasn't too pleased with the color scheme of any available planners. I decided to go with a planner that has a removable cover (a slit in the plastic where the paper can be removed and changed).

I printed out this gorgeous photo of pink roses that I found on Tumblr and cut the paper to ensure it would fit in the plastic cover. Most larger photos on Pinterest and Tumblr will allow you to create a background, and any printer can perform the necessary printing task (just make sure that the background photo is able to print fitting an entire letter-sized page).

Next, print out a whole bunch of your favorite graphics and images from your favorite photo gathering sites (like mine: Pinterest, Tumblr, and WeHeartIt), and glue them to the new background. I decided to choose from some sentimental images and quotes that inspire me to be a better person/remind me of myself and my goals, but go totally silly if that's what your heart desires! Maybe you'll wind up like itsgrace.

Then slip the final product into the plastic sleeve, and you have a brand new organizer! Here is my finished "vision planner". I feel as though I will be encouraged to write in it more and take it with me everywhere due to its now beautiful cover. Nobody likes boring!

Did you decorate your planner using a similar method?