A Day Documented in Portland, Oregon - 7/27/14

This past weekend, my sweetie and I made our (or really, my) annual trip to Portland, Oregon. We visited to celebrate our 1 year anniversary, but we stopped for lunch at the Saturday Market and caught up with a local who is a friend of mine.

We had a great afternoon, tea at Starbucks and then a visit to Powell's Bookstore.

For dinner, we trekked a short 7 blocks from our hotel and ate at Portland's Lloyd District McMenamins restaurant. Us local Olympians have The Spar cafe in downtown Olympia, WA, also owned by McMenamins. This menu was uniquely satisfying enough that it didn't leave us feeling like we just ate a meal back at home. Below: Electric Mayhem pizza.

Above: Uptown Veggie Grill sandwich (by far our favorite).

Have any future recommendations of places we should check out in Portland, OR? We're always looking for vegan, vegetarian-friendly cuisine and fun activities (preferably hidden gems that we might not know about by popularity).