Leveraging Social Media to Power Up Your Blog (Infographic)

Leveraging Social Media to Power Up Your Blog
Leveraging Social Media to Power Up Your Blog

Today’s blogs all have a unique approach, whether they're lifestyle blogs, fashion blogs, etc., but they are all fighting for time in the spotlight. They best way to stand out and showcase your knowledge is to power up your blog by blasting it across social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

Today, we’ll look at the ways social media can power up your blog and how you can best use these platforms to show the world your work, with the help of a wonderful new infographic by Matt Banner of OnBlastBlog.

Matt Banner has been incredibly successful at helping others' blogs grow by more than 312 percent with work featured on Forbes, Entrepreneur, Huffington Post and Yahoo! Finance.


If we look at platforms like Instagram and Pinterest, we see a lot of major lifestyle companies using these platforms to promote their content. When you’ve finished starting a blog, this should be your next step.

When you’re writing your next fashionable hat review, you can promote the style visually on these platforms. Just like Emma and I partnered with FullaBeanies, as you build your presence on these platforms, you’ll find opportunities to partner with some of your favorite brands (and some new ones) who are always looking for bloggers to help them spread their content.

Social media also offers opportunities to network with other bloggers outside and within your niche as well. Guest posting and cross-promotion with other members of the community are just two of the creative ways you can utilize social media to your benefit.


Here's Matt's infographic filled with strategies and tips for maximizing your efforts:

You can download the image and read more by clicking here.

Let us know how these strategies helped your efforts in the comments below!

Use Social Media to Power Up Your Blog {Infographic}
Use Social Media to Power Up Your Blog {Infographic}