How to Throw the Perfect Puppy Party


I can't stress it enough: I LOVE my parents' pooch! She means the world to us, so we're always sure to spoil her (and her puppy friends like the one pictured above) on her birthday - just like any human! Today, I'm sharing my secrets to throwing the perfect puppy party.


It's important that you entertain not only your pup's friends, but their owners, too! Chips, dip, cheese + crackers, hummus and avocado tortilla rolls (pictured above) and assorted fruit are all great human-friendly food. Don't forget the booze! Grab a big cooler so your drinks stay cold all party long.


This is key. We used to use a 7 foot tall table to ensure the humans could reach the food of their choice, but NOT the pups. However, I think the pups began to learn their lesson the past few years, so we were able to decrease to a normal 4 foot tall table.


Who am I kidding? The dogs will still beg for treats - they don't have the logic to notice that you are preparing treat bags for them to take ;)

What might be called "goodie bags" or "treat bags" for party favors at a human child's birthday party take on a literal meaning for a puppy party! Go to your local pet store and grab a variety of dog treats (we're lucky enough to have a local, organic-based pet store that I prefer).

Then, grab some small paper bags and Sharpie marker. Label each bag with your pup's party guests' names and divvy up the treats equally. I'm a sucker for fairness and want each of these pooches to be happy, so I like to separate each type of treat + make sure I give equal amounts. :)


Don't forget to give them the greatest loves and hugs in the world! They will be forever grateful to you for it. That's all they want, really!

A couple extra tips to make your day run smoothly:

  • Delegate specific tasks to your party coordinators - your sister, mom, partner, etc.

  • Make sure you set out a few communal water bowls and tons of toys for your puppy guests.

  • Grab enough chairs for your human guests - camping chairs or folding chairs work great.

  • Pick the largest place in your outdoor space to host this party - a great big backyard is perfect!

How was your puppy party? Leave your results in the comments!



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