Great Eats : Ramirez Mexican Store in Tumwater, WA

Have a craving for Mexican food? The Ramirez Mexican Store in Tumwater, Wash. has it all: enchiladas, burritos, tacos, the list goes on and on! The store is half market/half restaurant, ready to meet all of your Mexican cooking and eating needs (they even make their own tortillas fresh every day!). Living in Olympia, I seldom make it to Tumwater except for the occasional Costco trip. An old Spanish tutor of mine was the first person to take me to the Ramirez store's restaurant and I haven't been able to shake the images or flavors of their veggie burrito from my mind since that day.

Did I mention that they have wonderful horchata (a sweet rice drink with cinnamon and sometimes vanilla).

I always opt for a veggie burrito, being the meat-free eater that I am...

But Jared insists that the beef burrito is just as good!

Before leaving, we always take a look around their market for goodies such as these candies (above), tortillas or some fresh guac/salsa.

Ramirez Mexican Store 5105 Capitol Blvd SE Tumwater, WA 98501

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