Redefining "Career" with Roadtrip Nation + Vision Boards

Over the past month, I've been reading and researching a lot through Roadtrip Nation, an organization dedicated to "helping people find career and life fulfillment." 15 years ago, a group of graduated college students bought an RV and trekked across the country interviewing successful business people in their unique fields, looking for new and various definitions for the word: "career." Along with, the team has compiled a workbook to help you discover your own definition of "career," called Roadmap. Although this has been a class resource in my current business program, I have taken it upon myself to value Roadtrip Nation as a forever resource in my future experiences.

Roadmap encourages its readers to ignore the "noise" (the negativity you may hear from friends, family, society and strangers) and consider what your interests could contribute to your job, keeping your mind wide open to possibility.

Your foundation = the thing you need to be happy within your career + Your interests = the things you would do even if you didn't get paid for it = Your perfect source of income, whether this is a "job," or "career," to you.

The big picture here is: you shouldn't settle for what others claim is a stable or "safe," career--go after your dreams and reach just a little higher.

I've read and loved Malcolm Gladwell's Outliers that covers the idea that each talent takes an approximate 10,000 hours to master, which is where the inspiration for the above page comes from.

After reading through nearly all of the book, I decided to create a vision board-esque collage of images, words and quotes that I think help to define what I hope to obtain in my future.

Start with this. In any fashion that you best express yourself--writing, typing, painting, drawing, collaging, begin to craft your ideal "career". What are you wearing? Who are you working with? What are you doing on a daily basis? What does your life look like outside of your career--do you have lots of leisure time or time with your family?

Once you begin to create images of your ideal life, all the pieces will slowly start to come together.

I don't know if I totally believe in the power of The Secret, but I'm a healthy skeptic...

Mimi Ikonn discusses how to make your dreams/goals a reality

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