Secrets to Self-Care - 5 Things I Can't Live Without


Self-love has been something I’ve been thinking more about lately; I’ve never had the best relationship with my body. If we were Facebook, it would be “It’s Complicated”. There’s many secrets to self-care, but I didn’t always know them well.

My body and I always felt like two different people and I had a tough time in my skin, especially when I was in my early teens. I was taking note of the types of bodies around me and how different they looked to mine.

I had thicker, rounder hips and thighs that actually touched when I moved. I was a late bloomer, but when I was blessed by the “boob fairy”, she did not hold back! As an athlete at the time, this was my actual worst nightmare. All I wanted was to look like my friends, or just anybody else.

My face was also something I got incredibly insecure about — and still do! I felt like my exaggerated features were not attractive and I hated my hair texture. As the list of things I disliked about myself grew, my self confidence shrunk.

Lately though, I’ve felt myself changing. As I look at photos of myself, I don’t immediately hate how my body looks. I don’t delete all my tagged photos because I don’t like how I look in them anymore. I’m not sure what triggered the change, but I’ve been less concerned lately with how people perceive me.

I’ve also taken better steps lately with physical and self-care. Always check in with your body and see how it’s feeling! I’ve been dedicating more time to loving myself and treating myself the way I should — exercise that I enjoy, yoga and plenty of bubble baths!

Favorite products to treat my body.

Bath bombs!

I always love Lush but Soap and Glory make amazing and affordable bath bombs you can get in almost any Walgreens or Ulta.

Epsom Salt

Another bathtime favorite, I throw a cup or two of this in and it helps my tired joints and always relaxes me!

Lotion with SPF

Treat your body right in the long term and always use sunscreen. Find a nourishing lotion that works for you!

Foam Roller

Nothing feels better on stiff muscles than rolling and stretching them out, once I invested in a good roller I can never go back!

Essential Oil Diffuser

I love keeping one by my bed for the evenings when I’m winding down, nothing gets me more relaxed than lavender!

What are your secrets to self-care and being loving to yourself?

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