Experiencing the International Sherlock Holmes Exhibit


On Tuesday, I was in Seattle, Washington celebrating the Pacific Science Center's "The International Exhibition of Sherlock Holmes", an exhibit detailing the life and legacy of fictional detective character Sherlock Holmes. This Sherlock Holmes exhibit is definitely not one you wanna miss!

The exhibit was held at the special Exhibition Hall at the center. As you enter, you are greeted by a host who hands you a booklet (for the interactive bits) and helps introduce the first section of the exhibit, detailing the life and time of Sherlock Holmes including what was popular in telegraph communication, ballistics, cosmetics and beauty, photography and so much more. This helps set the landscape for what you'll learn in the future exhibition portions.

Once you complete the stamps in your booklet that confirm you have learned about the proper foundational pieces of the era, you are led to the secret message machine which decodes the memo from Sherlock telling you where to go next. I was shocked that the exhibit was so interactive - I figured I'd just learn some crime tactics and see some artifacts. Boy, was I wrong!

As you weave through the second portion of the exhibit (the crime scene and experiment stations), you are asked to help Sherlock solve a crime. I don't want to spoil the exhibition for you, so I'll just say generally speaking that the crime's verdict is whether or not a man murdered his wife. After completing over a dozen challenges, you are led to the final piece of the second portion where you match your booklet to a template to see if you cracked the code.

If the message is decoded incorrectly (like mine and Jared's were), it means you missed all or some of the clues and didn't solve the crime. BOO!

But it doesn't stop there. You are whisked up a ramp to the third portion of the exhibit where the verdict is revealed and you are shown a new room with more modern pieces of the Sherlock Holmes legacy. Featuring items from the TV show, movies and books, Sherlock comes to life all over again. With an emphasis on current criminology, you learn how this fictional phenomenon has shaped the world of our crime fighters in present-day.

*Spoiler: While the images below don't spoil any of the crime's actual verdict, you may want to selectively click on the images you think you'd like to peek at, if you don't want a great amount of the exhibit content exposed.

After experiencing the exhibit, we headed to the gift shop (which you have to go through in order to exit - tricky, tricky!). I grabbed my mom a lavender aroma spray (lavender is her absolute favorite) and my dad a "lavatory mist" called... wait for it... "No Shit Sherlock". I couldn't resist! ;)

While I was absolutely shocked to see elementary school groups in this exhibit, and it is certainly geared for older individuals (even the center deems it 8+), I highly recommend taking your entire family, so long as they are not triggered by mild bloody and violent content. I wouldn't have picked any other way to spend my Tuesday than at the Sherlock Holmes exhibit!

Do you plan on seeing the exhibit in Seattle or your nearest town? Have you already? Let's chat in the comments!



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