10 Tricks to Help You Sleep Better

Dealing with insomnia? It's such a pain, and I totally understand your frustration:

"Please, let me sleep?"

When you're a student, or a hard worker (or both), you need to have something that winds you down at night and keeps you down. Here are my favorite 10 ways to sleep better:


Doing some relaxing and calming yoga poses can slow your system down (and slightly wear you out in order to further tire you). This routine from Crane & Canopy is fantastic!


Chamomile tea is known to relax the nerves and muscles that keep you from feeling sedated enough to sleep.


A few sniffs of lavender essential oil (or have it going next to you in a diffuser) can be a great solution to an alert and spinning mind. You can also rub lavender on your skin--underneath the nose is perfect.


Napping is great for making up sleep or simply recharging, however if you deal with insomnia, it's best to take away daytime naps or limit them to short ones (10-20 mins.).


I've personally never had an issue with being with bright screens right before I unplug to sleep, but I know plenty friends and family members that this is HUGE for. Instead of using your laptop or cell phone before you try to doze off, try unplugging earlier and reading a book or knitting.


As MindBodyGreen shares with us, eating late night snacks that contain tryptophan (the amino acid needed to produce serotonin, then turned into melatonin--the hormone which helps your body sleep) is great, and that we should avoid late night snacks that contain caffeine and refined sugars. Snacks they suggest include yogurt, milk, banana, eggs and turkey.


Perhaps if you don't like reading or knitting before winding down, take a stab at journaling each evening. Journaling helps the body by releasing stress, and journaling with positivity helps to increase gratefulness, giving the body a sense of relief and comfort. I have a journal that asks me one thing I did each day that helped me overcome a fear--big or small... that's my favorite!


If you go for a morning run or other workout in the early AM, you can tucker your body out earlier, giving a sense of fatigue in the late night hours helping you to easily fall fast asleep.


No, not entirely - don't freak out on me yet! Say no to coffee after noon, giving your body the chance to stay away from caffeine when it doesn't actually NEED it. Have a cup or two when you get going in the morning, eliminating late night Starbucks runs (this is the hardest for me personally).


I love my baths. LUSH products are my very best friend and baths just wouldn't be the same without them. Try some of your lavender essential oil in a bath and drift off to happy land.

Did any of these tricks work for you? Have a tip I'm missing? Sound off in the comments!

10 Tricks to Help You Sleep Better
10 Tricks to Help You Sleep Better