Beyond Facebook: Social Media’s Secrets Revealed! (Infographic)

Calling all super savvy girlbosses! As businesses owners and entrepreneurs, we have a lot on our plate. Part of this is learning about all the different types of marketing that today’s world offers. Today we’ll be focusing on social media marketing in particular (my one true love!). This involves using platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest as part of your overall marketing strategy.

Each of these platforms have their own unique features and their own secrets to uncover. Trying to master them all is impossible, but you only need to master a few to truly succeed. Join me as we look at the story behind today’s infographic, followed by a look at the infographic itself which will bring you all of the big secrets you need to master today’s social media platforms.

Why Infographics Work (And Why You Should Use Them Too!)

One of the biggest lessons you’ll learn about social media marketing is that images are mandatory. We’ve all heard the phrase a picture is worth a thousand words but in the case of infographics, that’s almost literally true.

The rise of infographics is no accident. These unique images often take a central theme or idea and convey tons of information through visuals. They are viewed as a column that the users scrolls down through. As they scroll, they are delighted with great colors and images, but they are also getting written content that adds value beyond the visuals.

That’s why I decided to feature the infographic we’ll be looking at today. Resources for bloggers can come in all shapes and sizes. In this case, we’re covering a ton of information about social media marketing, but in a visually enticing way.

Your Guide to Today’s Social Media Platforms (Infographic)

Check out the infographic below, courtesy of HostingCaptain, and find out all the secrets these platforms are hiding:

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If you’re a marketer, let us know how you’ve evolved your social media marketing strategies in the comments!