Affordable and Collaborative Digital and Social Media Marketing in Olympia, Washington

Hi, ambitiously beautiful business owner! My name is Kathryn. We may have "met" before if you're a follower of my blog and stumbled here earlier. If not, I'm pleased to meet you and can't wait to chat about how we may work together! :) I provide greater digital and social media marketing in Olympia, Washington areas and beyond!

A little bit about me: I'm a social media lover with a true passion for helping businesses and nonprofits conquer the daunting 21st century world of technology! If I connect with your mission, I am often over the moon with excitement and will brag about you to everyone I know.

I got my start in this field at the age of 13 when I began blogging and video editing / publishing to YouTube. I was part of the MySpace generation (I still remember dial-up Internet, believe it or not!) and was one of the first to sign up for Twitter when it first launched... I was on the wait list! When Facebook was mass-launched to the public, I joined that, too.

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Growing up as a millennial in the midst of this social media storm was quite frankly my favorite aspect of life itself!

To many people's surprise, I'm not the biggest Snapchatter or texter and look at 90% of websites on a computer - not my phone, unless I'm looking for a restaurant menu! Because I never wasted my time obsessing over selfies or every. Single. Thing. I was doing (sorry, not sorry), I was able to immerse myself in the classic education of marketing as I journeyed through college.

While attending The Evergreen State College here in Olympia, I diligently studied digital marketing and PR through 2 internships (totaling 1 academic year). I flourished and was soon hired by both places of internship - one of employment, the other a pretty sweet contracting gig. After I was part way through a business class, I forced myself to accept the following: if I don't go after this, I risk the chance of never doing what I love - and making money doing it!

So, I went after it. In Dec. 2015, I launched Fashionably Frank Marketing - my baby, my dream. What started as a 2-client workload has grown to many - and I'm excited to announce: almost an entirely full roster as of May 2017! This is the furthest from what I would've imagined, but I am thrilled. Hard work pays off!

I've worked with a little bit of everyone over the past 1.5 years! My clients are in the fields of architecture, coaching + leadership, writing, pruning + gardening, essential oils e-commerce, nutritional health + wellness, food e-commerce, tourism, children + education, optometry, videography + photography, philanthropy, faith + religion, social justice activism & more.
My clients are a variety of B2B + B2C brands and I offer a specialty in the B2C nonprofit sector.

I use content marketing as my vessel - providing content of value to the ideal customer / client audience that then converts them into quality leads (a robust blogging schedule, opt-in freebie offer or discount, a regular email list blast and active social media presence). A business can't just talk about themselves: they must give the content that their target audience is seeking first. They will then gain the respect and clientele they are seeking. It's all about reciprocity, guys!

I can design your website, manage your social media and indulge in creative copywriting, send out your email list blasts, optimize your blog posts, create styled product photography or photos of your business in action and much more. Together, we will create a holistic strategy that will set you worlds apart from even your strongest competitor.

What sets me apart from my competitors is my affordable rates, youth, collaborative nature, fashionable FRANKNESS and my decade+ of experience - working both hands-on, directly in the field and receiving classic marketing & PR mentoring. I work with clients from my hometown of Olympia, Washington and all across the country (sometimes even Canada)!

So, why am I telling you this?

I'm blogging today in hopes of reaching the few people reading who may be in need of my services and would like to hire a social media professional at an affordable rate, before I close up shop and am booked for the next few months! I'd love to chat with you and discover your biggest fears, weaknesses and areas seeking improvement. Don't let the daily stress of running your business or some serious FOMO get you down. There's space for everyone in this new digital frontier.

I can't wait to see how we can collaborate to achieve your vision of brand awareness and authority in your niche!

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Kathryn is the lead contributor + founder at Obsessed with leading a life of balance, she started the blog in 2013. Since graduating from The Evergreen State College (Washington) in 2016, she is now a digital marketing specialist through her business, Fashionably Frank Marketing. She believes a cup of coffee is the answer to all of life's problems + that all women should strive to embrace a #girlboss mantra.