Social Media is Vital to Your Business Success (Op-Ed)

Social Media is Vital to Your Business Success (Op-Ed)
Social Media is Vital to Your Business Success (Op-Ed)

As a business owner, do you struggle to get recognized? The Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) is strong, and businesses are failing to keep up with the fast-changing tides of digital marketing by refusing to use social media. These days, social media is a large part (one of the most important parts) of advertising for businesses, both big and small. Without it, you will not succeed in staying relevant and popular with your community and among others who may not know of your work yet.

Social media allows you to connect with your current loyal fans and customers, encouraging them to feel part of your tribe! Leveraging social media to communicate with fans on customer service questions in real-time is incredibly important, especially when fans run into a hiccup with a product or service you offer. Social media is equally important for fans to share their positive experiences with your brand—posting photos of your product or destination (and sharing your profiles with their friends). The latter is a form of “social proof”—very necessary in establishing authority in your niche, whatever that may be.

Social media just plain saves money! The traditional social media ad campaign costs considerably less than print or television ads. Over at WebpageFX--a full service Internet marketing, web design and web development agency, they’ve developed a helpful chart that outlines each form of commonly used United States advertising and the investment that comes along with it for business owners. While a more financially stable business or corporation might dedicate $6,000-$12,000 on a web ad campaign, developing graphics and running ads, they would likely spend $63,000-$8 million designing plus $342,000 broadcasting a single 30 second ad on national television. Simply put: you don’t have to spend a fortune on social media to get your message across, and sometimes you don’t even have to spend a penny!

In addition, social media is where you can understand your current customers and therefore target and find new potential customers, converting new viewers into buyers. By checking your analytics dashboards on each profile (Facebook Insights, Twitter Analytics, Pinterest Analytics, etc.), you are able to tell the demographics of your current profile fans and engagers, sometimes even as far as favorite interests, home ownership status and income bracket. Long gone are the days when you could only discover your customer’s gender, age and location. Knowing your most popular demographic, you can then target ad campaigns to specific people, increasing the likelihood of them interacting with your brand.

Save time creating your mission and goals when using social media. In addition to improving customer service, saving money and targeting an ideal audience, social media enhances your ability to step outside the box, take a good hard look and set larger business goals for you and your team. Because a good business owner knows they must set goals for their social media, this process then forces the business owner to come up with broader goals for their business itself, helping to lead them and their marketing team in the proper direction on social media. As a press release on the American Psychological Association’s website confirms: those with plans and goals that are monitored closely and reevaluated tend to increase their chances of overall success.

Back in 2010, Facebook specifically had users spending an average of 55 minutes on their site per day, with nearly 80,000 sites using Facebook to connect, which means that every time someone is looking for the latest news bite from Yahoo! and even MySpace, they turn to Facebook. This allows users to experience a deep connection with their favorite news sources and brands, as well as accessing their requested information quickly without having to search Google or login to their email to find it. As of January 2016, there are 1.038 billion people using Facebook actively each day—at least tens of thousands of them to which you could lure onto your page and your brand.

Social media is the popular thing these days, especially within the millennial age group, which allows brands to capture the attention of new, young customers. Being able to invest some time to better your business and truly form the connections that will rub off in profit in the long run is a smart move in this busy, fast-paced digital age.

Utilize the opportunity you have as a business owner to be easily accessible to your greatest supporters, as well as your disbelievers—allowing for a respectful dialogue, excellent customer service and instilled trust for years to come! While you will reap plenty financial profit from leveraging social media, the relationships you build will be equally rewarding. Don’t miss the opportunity to be at the top of your game, in the top of your field, making the top impressions on your preferred demographic—sign up for social media today!


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Social Media is Vital to Your Business Success (Op-Ed)
Social Media is Vital to Your Business Success (Op-Ed)