10 Conversation Starters for the Socially Awkward


There's nothing worse than that feeling of having no idea what to say while the awkward tension in the air grows thick enough to be cut with a knife. Trust me, I feel your pain! I consider myself a social person, but I still find myself in new social situations with my brain drawing a blank for what to say. There's definite techniques that can help the socially awkward in the room.

Social situations such as first dates, large parties, forced mingling and other gatherings with strangers used to always make me feel a little nervous. It's gotten a lot easier for me, but from time to time, if the other person is also at a loss for what to say, that's when I usually freak out! 

Have no fear, I've put together this handy guide so you'll never have to draw a mental blank for words again! #TEAMSOCIALLYAWKWARD

Body Language

Notice what your body language is: are you crossing your arms or hunched over? Try having nice posture and open body language. Be inviting!

Non Verbal Cues

Show them that you are paying attention to them by nodding along while you listen, smiling, etc.

Eye Contact

Making steady eye contact is another way to show someone you care about what they're sharing. 

Here's 10 conversation starters to keep the energy light and fun!

1. Are you a night owl, or an early bird?

2. What's the last thing you ate?

3. What's your favorite season and why?

4. Coffee or Tea?

5. What music did you listen to last?

6. What show could you binge watch forever?

7. What's the most unexpected thing that's ever happened to you?

8. Which do you prefer, books or movies?

9. What food could you not live without?

10. What would be your perfect weekend?

What's your go-to small talk question? Leave your favorites in the comments!