10 Most Inspiring TED Talks on Storytelling

10 Most Inspiring TED Talks on Storytelling | Fashionably Frank Blog

TED Talks are amazing! They never cease to excite, inspire, invigorate and uplift my spirits, and these talks are no exception. Whether we work in communications directly, or we are artists, even engineers--we all tell stories and we all need to strengthen this skill.

1. The Danger of a Single Story | Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

2. Everyone Around You Has a Story the World Needs to Hear | David Isay

3. The Clues to a Great Story | Andrew Stanton

4. The Mystery of Storytelling | Julian Friedmann

5. The Mystery Box | JJ Abrams

6. The Power of Storytelling | Andrea Gibbs

7. The Politics of Fiction | Elif Shafak

8. The Power of Storytelling to Change the World | Dave Lieber

9. Why Storytelling Matters | Garr Reynolds

10. Sarah Kay, Poetess / Storyteller | Sarah Kay

Which was your favorite TED Talk? Sound off in the comments (or link another fave)!