10 Tips for Easy, Stress-Free Packing!

10 Tips for Stress-Free Packing

10 Tips for Stress-Free Packing

Gearing up for a weekend getaway? Ladies (and gentlemen, and all other awesome gender binary-bending peeps), here are some foolproof packing tips to make your pre-trip worries disappear, and help you travel LIGHT!

1. Select clothing pieces that can be dressed up and down. If you pack less items with more versatility, you're ready for any occasion with little in your suitcase.

2. Lay out outfits in advance and pick corresponding accessories. When your outfits are all set, you have planned your days without worrying what to wear during the trip.

3. Roll up items to condense your suitcase. Use ziplock bags to separate outfits. This helps remind you of your original outfit concept, as well as fitting items in your bag.

4. Separate items that could get messy from items that you wouldn't want harmed. Shampoos, perfumes and other loose, spill-able items should be kept safely away from items such as clothing and electronics. I use toiletry bags as well as ziplocks.

5. Use multiple toiletry bags for makeup, etc. Instead of trying to cram all your makeup into a small bag and dealing with spillage later, use multiple bags to keep your toiletries comfortable.

6. Pick up some cheap, little plastic containers for packing shampoo, soap, etc. instead of bringing full bottles of product. Less weight in your bag, as well as less spillage if it does happen. I had trouble hunting down these bad boys, so I used up some small kitchen tupperware (don't judge!).

7. Ask yourself: "What can I do without?" Travel guru Rick Steves says: "Don't pack for the worst case scenario--pack for the best case scenario and simply buy yourself out of any jams." I'll admit, I have a habit of packing as though a natural disaster is inevitably going to happen on my trip. You planned on shopping during your getaway, right? There's your quick fix. Buy a toothbrush if you lose yours, or new underwear if you run out.

8. Assess the weather. Similar to packing for the best case scenario, it's important to only pack what you will need for the predicted weather. If you can hold off on picking your clothing until a day or two before the trip, the weather man should predict a pretty likely outcome of sun or showers. This will allow you to only pack the necessary items.

9. If you're spending a full day on the go before checking into your hotel, make sure your daily essentials are packed in your purse or your day bag as opposed to your luggage. For example: any pills or vitamins, sunscreen, etc. This will allow for much easier travel.

10. Place your electronics at the top of the bag between clothing so they have support while you roll your suitcase around. Placing them at the bottom often puts them near the metal piece of the luggage, causing dents and scarring. Don't forget: wrap your charging cords with velcro bands to minimize tangles.

What are some of your best packing tips and tricks?

10 Tips for Stress-Free Packing

10 Tips for Stress-Free Packing