Summer 2016 Fashion Predictions from the Runway

Summer 2016 Fashion Trends from the Runway
Summer 2016 Fashion Trends from the Runway

I've never been a big fan of runway fashion--I think it's unfair that they don't include plus size or more curvaceous models unless it is a curvy-specific runway, and a lot of the fashion is just plain OUT THERE without much reality of what you would actually find for ready-to-wear items in the mall.

However, I'm always intrigued by how these runway trends do infiltrate into common clothing choices at local malls. Summer 2016 is no exception. Here's a few of the trends we can only predict will begin to seep into mainstream ready-to-wear.


PHOTO: Harpers Bazaar / Designer: Christian Dior

We've seen throughout spring that minimalist trends just don't cut it this year and we're likely to have an over the top "more is more" approach to a modernly updated vintage look. Think: ruffles, layers, embellishments and embroidery.


PHOTO: Fashion Magazine / Designer: Alexander McQueen

We may begin to see a rise in floral prints and dreamy, romantic cuts with bold shoulders and Jane Eyre reminiscent lines. I'm not gonna lie, I'm happy about this trend! I love anything femme and floral.


PHOTO: Harpers Bazaar / Designer: Dolce & Gabbana

Stripes GALORE! 'Nuff said.


PHOTO: Vogue / Designer: Marc Jacobs

This is a trend we've been seeing for a while, and it's not going away anytime soon! Starting with a variety of sequined, flashy dresses for the holidays last year, the sparkly trend has stuck around and become stronger as the months pass.


PHOTO: Vogue / Designer: The Row

Another popular trend we've seen this year is the off-the-shoulder (or moreso shoulder exposing) tops. Spaghetti straps have made a comeback, too.

What trend is your favorite? What could you see yourself wearing?

Runway Inspiration for Summer 2016 Fashion Trends
Runway Inspiration for Summer 2016 Fashion Trends