How to Host the Perfect Summer Garage Sale!


We all need ways to make some easy cash in the summertime! Whether you are hosting a garage sale to benefit your local charity/nonprofit or your very own piggy bank, it's important that you do it right. My friend Hilary and I came up with this list of must-dos when hosting your perfect summer garage sale:

1. Buddy System. You'll want to have consistent helpers at the sale who are available to talk to your customers, and that is why the buddy system is vital to your sale's success. If one person takes a break, you must have another person to guard the cash box and greet visitors.

2. Free / "Make an Offer" Items. A good way to lure in customers is by offering free stuff at your sale, as well as items that you are willing to accept any offers for. The garage sale crowd will appreciate you and remember your house for next year's round.

3. Bags, Boxes and Bubble Wrap. Always provide your customers with packaging for their items. Not every garage sale goer is bag-savvy and ready for the multiple treasures they might find. This improves the experience for your visitors and will also leave a lasting impression.

4. Watchmen. It's important throughout your sale to guard the back of the sale as well as the front. While you should be able to trust most of your visitors, there can be some sneaky ones that try to swoop up items while you're not watching.

5. Price Up Valuable Items. In order to avoid lowballs, if you have an item that you wish to sell for a reasonable, higher price: heighten the price from what you hope to sell it at, that way, when customers try to lowball you, they're actually just decreasing the original price to your preferred offer! Sneaky, huh?

6. Correct Price Stickers. The most important tip that I can give is this: always price your items correctly, and make sure every person helping to run the sale is also aware of the items' prices. An unhappy customer or an unhappy seller is enough to put a damper on your day.

7. Never Sell These. Underwear, lingerie, bras, helmets (bicycle), mattresses, appliances, car seats for children. There are some things you should never compromise on: safety and sanitization. Don't be the one that encourages customers to purchase these items from you.

8. Use Social Media. You knew this tip was coming from me, didn't you? :) While the easiest way to get the word out about your sale is through physical marketing around town (fliers, posters and the like), making a Facebook event and getting all of your friends to share it is just as effective, if not more effective. Get creative and start being social!

Got more tips for throwing a killer garage sale? Leave them in the comments!