Taking the Work Out of "Workout"


Exercising. I know we all know that we need to be doing it more.

Just like any new mom, I often find myself at least slightly sleep deprived. That is why making exercise more of a hobby than a chore has been really important to my post-baby routine. For me, if a workout doesn’t sound fun, it rarely gets done.

After having a baby, especially because I had a C-Section, I had to be extra careful to go slow and only add new exercises when my body was ready to do them. I had been in great shape pre-baby and was a bit frustrated when my body wouldn’t do exactly what I wanted it to.

Gradually getting back into a routine and slowly adding in my old favorite workouts has really helped me start to feel like I’m getting my body back. I only really started to feel like I was fully recovered and ready to go full force again nearly seven months after my son’s birth.

Wherever you are with your fitness level, it is always okay to take it slow and listen to your body. These fun exercises definitely reward you for simply participating and don’t have to be a grueling sweat-fest.

With that, here are few of my personal favorite fun ideas to make the burn a bit better.


The Fitness Marshall has got to be the ultimate good time workout.

If you have not jumped this train yet, then you are seriously missing out on some fun, fast, and spunky dance aerobics. Great to do with friends or on your own, this is the only way that an at-home mama like me knows the hip new pop tunes.

The Fitness Marshall, a dancer from Florida, offers tons of encouragement and energy while you get your groove on. It’s so much fun you hardly realize you are sweating… uh, I mean glistening.


I have never much enjoyed running. Especially around a track. I don’t get it.

Who wants to just literally run around in circles?

My husband is a runner and since we love to exercise together, I have given it a fair try and have found the secret to enjoying it more: having a destination.

When I run, I have to actually be running somewhere. Most anywhere will do. Sometimes we run to the grocery store, the park, my brother’s house, the library, or, my personal favorite, to Menchie’s for frozen yogurt.

As long as I feel like I am actually running with a purpose, it makes the whole experience much more enjoyable. And, the more fun our ending destination, the faster I manage to run.


Joining a sports league is my personal favorite way to add exercise to my schedule.

It maintains a consistent schedule, I have a responsibility to my team to show up, and, probably most of all, I have paid for it and thus feel obligated to participate. Plus, as a bonus, I’ve managed to meet about 80% of my current social circle through local sports.

Make sure to look into the difficulty levels of the league you are signing up for, as it can be frustrating to end up in a league that you are either over- or under-qualified for. Also, if you are serious about getting better at your chosen sport, there are probably free local pick-up games to add one more fun evening workout into your schedule.

My personal favorite local team sport is ultimate Frisbee. In my community, ultimate is a great sport for someone getting back in shape since there are offerings at all fitness levels. Post-baby, I started playing in the slightly easier and less competitive women’s league. Just a few months later, I am now back to participating in a more competitive co-ed league. Each time you can manage to advance to a higher tier of competition, it feels like you are leveling up in your fitness.

These are just a few examples of the exercises I myself find enjoyable. I also should mention that I almost always exercise with my husband, and just having a friend or partner to chat or huff and puff with can make things so much better.

Think about your fitness goals and keep searching until you find a routine that you enjoy so much you wonder why it’s called working out.


the guest blogger: tamara dorn

Tammy is delighted to be a guest contributor to FashionablyFrank.com. She currently has the pleasure of staying home to care for her sweet baby boy. Spending every moment possible with her loving husband, she can often be found reading, exercising, or playing board games. She enjoys creating and solving puzzles and has never met a stranger, only a friend that she has yet to get to know.