Texting Starters for the Socially Awkward

Texting Starters for the Socially Awkward

First things first: If you want to read my previous post in this series where I embarrass myself and tell the Internet about my lack of social cues, you can check out my post on conversation starters for the socially awkward. Due to the unexpected popularity of the silly post, I was suddenly inspired to create texting starters for the socially awkward! 

If you're as awkward as I am, it can be pretty difficult to keep up a conversation, especially via text. I don't know what it is for me, but I always feel like I make myself sound weird and I say all the wrong things. What is proper emoji usage? When are GIFs okay? I like to meet people and hang out in person, but I also work a job where I'm gone a lot, so the majority of my interaction with friends and potential romantic partners is through social media and texting! It can be difficult, but it's how I keep my social life going. Maybe you've got a good opener, but it's hard to keep them writing back. Or maybe you struggle to get the party started in the first place? Don't worry. We'll get through this modern-day stuff together, babe. :)

1. Ask a question you need help with! If it's someone from school or work, ask them something you may not understand or you need help with. This will open a line of communication and bring you closer together instantly.

2. "Is this the right number?" After they give you their number, text them later and "check" to make sure you got it right. I'm not creepy - I'm thorough, okay? ;) 

3. Literally just say: "Hi". It won't kill you. Go for the bold approach.

4. Keep the conversation going. Ask about interests, hobbies and their personal life. Get to know who they are - they'll appreciate you for it.

5. Bring it offline. If it feels like the conversation is slowing down, maybe it's time to bring it into the real world. Request to meet up!


How do you start a texting connection? Let me know what your favorite way of starting a conversation is right below in the comments!

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Texting Starters for the Socially Awkward




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