The Best Parts of Being a Flight Attendant

The Best Parts of Being a Flight Attendant

I've been a flight attendant for a major airline for about nine months now. That's nine whole months to learn more about my job and everything it entails. I never imagined everything I could've been doing with this job. If I had known, I would have done it earlier!

To be a flight attendant, the age requirement (at least in the USA) is that you are 21 years or older. This is because part of your job is serving alcohol to people. The only other requirements are that you be able to reach a certain height and all airlines have different height requirements. You also need to be physically able to perform safety duties in the event of an emergency. You need to be able to direct yourself and the rest of the aircraft to safety. A lot of people think they "can't" be a flight attendant, but it's more inclusive than you think! Being a flight attendant is a really diverse and inclusive community. Once you become one, it doesn't matter who you work for: we all look out for each other!

THE TravelING While GETTING Paid

This job has brought me freedom and travel that I never would have found otherwise. I've been to Costa Rica, Hawaii and New York City for my job! I sure get around.

THE Ability To Fly For Free + Cheap

When you're a flight attendant, you have the ability to fly standby on your own airline and on others that your airline has agreements with. Domestic travel is free. I am also able to travel internationally with other airlines for just taxes and fees. A friend and I are in Croatia right now and the airfare was total around $200!

The Community

Being a flight attendant is a unique job with its own set of challenges. We all recognize each other's struggles so when you have someone flying on your airline, you treat them well! I've had such kindness given to me from other FA's and pilots.

The Knowledge

In training you're given so much information and practice so many different life saving skills that you can use forever and in any situation. You learn about fires, first aid, CPR, evacuation techniques and much more. In the event of an emergency it's up to the flight attendants to control and handle the situation.

The Friendships

I've created my own little family within my workplace who all live in different areas. When you're away from your family a lot, It's a career that binds people together!


Would you ever consider becoming a flight attendant?

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The Best Parts of Being a Flight Attendant


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