A Big 100: Goals from Past and Present


Author and blogger Maggie Mason posted her well-known "life list" on her site, attracting many others to do the same. I had created my life list back in 2010, but have crossed off items since then. It's time for an update! I'd really like to expand my horizons and complete these items before my time on earth is up...

1. Climb to the top of a mountain peak.
2. Publish a teenage confidence self-help book.
3. Publish a children's story book.
4. Go on a spur-of-the-moment vacation. ✓
5. Take a lesson on public speaking/take a debate class.
6. Live in Canada.
7. Start or help a charity group.
8. Join the movement against cancer.
9. Vacation in Colorado.
10. Meet an idol.
11. Learn hip-hop dancing.
12. Meet Paul McCartney/go to a concert before he retires.
13. Learn how to use my espresso maker properly (we sold the espresso maker after too many failed attempts).
14. Try Chinese cuisine.
15. Study dog language.
16. Go to a drive-in movie.
17. Eat (more) meat.
18. Take an art class for the enjoyment.
19. Research my family history (both biological and non-biological).
20. See a Kevin Hart, Kathy Griffin, Dane Cook, or Wanda Sykes stand-up.
21. Meet a President.
22. Honeymoon in either Paris or the Bahamas.
23. Stay at the Atlantis resort.
24. Learn and implement more eco-friendly habits in life.
25. Become bi-lingual.
26. Design my own shirts.
27. Have a cat as a pet.
28. Attend at least two different universities.
29. Take a road trip.
30. Live in an apartment or shared small house. ✓
31. Buy a dress from Nordstrom.
32. Purchase a designer handbag. ✓
33. Vacation in Newport Beach, California.
34. Experience New Years in Times Square.
35. Shop in "The Big Apple".
36. Join an anti-bullying campaign.
37. Visit Mexico.
38. Vacation in Europe, stopping in Ireland.
39. Dine in a Scottish cafe.
40. Go zip-lining.
41. Learn what it takes to create a social networking website (ex: Facebook).
42. Take a culinary class.
43. Give birth at least once with a doula by my side.
44. Take a self-defense class.
45. Dance in public.
46. Follow through with a detox.
47. Skate on "the" Lake Placid, NY ice rink.
48. Survive a wisdom teeth removal. ✓
49. Learn to accept spiders.
50. Learn Russian.
51. Tend to an annual garden.
52. Dive into the depths of journalism.
53. Attend the Olympic games.
54. Visit Sergei Grinkov's grave.
55. Gain more knowledge about geography.
56. See a Broadway play.
57. Learn Japanese tea mannerisms.
58. Attend a meditation retreat.
59. Get a great ground photo of myself by the Eiffel Tower.
60. Go vegan.
61. Work at least two years in retail. ✓
62. Re-learn Spanish.
63. Experience hypnosis.
64. Maintain a healthy, happy long-term occupation.
65. Be a "cool, hip" grandma.

(more to come...!)

What are some items on your life list? Please inspire me to add more items to mine!