The 52 Lists Project (#52ListsProject): The Most Beautiful Things

The Most Beautiful Things

This week's #52Lists Project prompt is "The Most Beautiful Things I've Ever Seen". In a world full of sadness and anger a great chunk of the time, especially in the wake of America's recent tragedy, it's so key that we appreciate the beautiful little moments in both our personal lives and the outside world. Let's start our lists now:

  • The mother and two daughters I witnessed gifting a bunch of clothing and lunch to a homeless or low income woman who frequents one of my local Starbucks.
  • The heroism and fearlessness of our wonderful American citizens in the Las Vegas massacre.
  • The mannerisms and personalities of a few of my half siblings whom I didn't truly meet until I was 23 years old, after reconnecting with my biological family (I'm adopted). I had touched base with a few of them at age 16, but never fully until we had deep reconnection just recently.
  • My adoptive parents' marriage and their commitment to each other for over 2 decades.
  • My incredible trans friends who are living their lives as God (or, fill-in-the-blank with what you believe in...) intended them to, paving the way for others to do the same.
  • The looks on my family and friends' faces when I graduated college.
  • A parent taking the initiative to educate themselves and fully embrace their LGBTQ+ child, and the exchange between the two of them as they re-learn each other in this new, yet the same relationship.
  • The story of a mother who lost her only son, later meeting and calling her biological son's repenting murderer "her son" after lots of psychological work. This was documented on StoryCorps and shows the power of forgiveness in the human condition.
  • My parents proudly introducing themselves as my parents at an LGBTQ function.
    I never take things like this for granted in our current political climate.
  • The history of my biological family on an tree. Learning about the period of time my ancestors lived through and where they came from, their accomplishments.
  • The unbiased, naive attitude of a young child, living life for the day-by-day with no worries and preconceptions of the world around them. The incredible amount of knowledge that a young human can have as they journey through life.
  • The bond between two women that occurs after a man has hurt both of them.
  •  The genuine power of feminism and the connection of all the female entrepreneurs in my Oly Girlboss Collective group, building each other up and encouraging our success as business owners.
  • Pretty much any episode of "What Would You Do?"


What does your list include?

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The Most Beautiful Things




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