Things You Need in Your Makeup Bag Right Now


If you're wondering about the things you need in your makeup bag, read on! I wouldn't call myself a makeup professional by any means (I was just talking to Kathryn about this today), I use makeup very creatively and I never really have a game plan for how my face will turn out, it just does! Some days look better than others, but that's a part of the spontaneity and fun of makeup.

Another part of makeup that I feel is important but may not be so glamorous is skincare. A good skincare routine before and after makeup is instrumental to your overall health and a glowing face! My makeup bag has gone through a lot of transformation over the years. Especially now with my busy lifestyle, I need the contents of my bag to fit my random everyday life! Here's what I always make sure to keep in mine:

Soap & Glory Two Minute T-Zone Detox Scrub

This is a great product that I recently started using to combat "strawberry nose" (nasty visible blackheads)! I use it in the shower and it helps my foundation to apply more evenly on my nose and forehead!

Soap & Glory For Daily Youth Lotion

It's important to start your makeup with a great lotion! This helps make my face glow and look super healthy before I even put foundation on!

Lush Celestial Facial Moisturizer

Another moisturizer! I use this one on my face and neck to help even out my skin tone and to keep me feeling fresh and smooth!

Beauty Blender

If you're not using this already, you need to get on the Beauty Blender bandwagon! These little sponges are wonderful for even application of liquid foundation, cream contour and anything else you can think of! I live by mine, I got a knockoff for a couple bucks at my local drug store.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow

This has a lot of hype for good reason. Don't let the price tag scare you, I used the same jar for almost two years before I needed to get a new one. I also bought the brush that comes with it and it makes all the difference for a nice even application of the product!

L'Oréal Paris Infallible Color Correcting Kit

I never saw the use in color correction until I tried it! It totally helps me even out my patchy skin tone and keeps me evenly colored all day.

Urban Decay De-Slick Setting Spray

The perfect finish for any makeup look. This will keep you in place no matter what you do! I tend to get oily by the end of the day and this combats that.

Cotton Swabs and Makeup Remover

You always need these just in case of an "uh-oh" moment during makeup application!

What's your favorite thing in your makeup bag right now?



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