5 Things You Wouldn’t Expect About Being A Flight Attendant

Things You Wouldn't Expect About Being a Flight Attendant

I’ve been a flight attendant for a major airline for a little over a year now! It’s been the greatest thing to happen to me and I absolutely adore my job. I have a lot of people ask me about becoming a flight attendant (you can read more about that process in my series of posts here), but I feel as though a lot of people have a glamorized view of what being a flight attendant is like through TV and movie programs. There's certainly some things you wouldn't expect about being a flight attendant. It’s a lot more fun, sometimes gross and sometimes lonelier than you might think!

You Don’t Work With The Same People Very Often

Especially when you first start out! Your schedule is kind of random, so you work with a different crew every trip. But you usually stay with the same crew for the entire trip you’re on, so when you see or work with those people again, it’s usually a great reunion!

You Make A Lot Of Friends In Random Places

Over my trips I’ve made a lot of random friends with locals from the different places I’ve gone to frequently. There’s a bartender in the hotel we stay in Newark who always gets so happy to see me when I come in! I also have a friend who works in the hotel in Bellingham we stay in (who also happens to be the hotel’s dog!).

You’re Alone... A Lot

In such a social job, you wouldn’t expect to have so much time by yourself, but the truth is: on layovers, your time is your own. Sure, sometimes you can hang out with your crew, but most of the time you stick by yourself as you adventure a city, or stay in. It’s been the best thing for my personal relationship with myself and I’ve grown to really love it!

It Can Be Expensive

You are paid a per diem, but purchasing food out can be extremely expensive, especially on a long trip! Most flight attendants premake their own meals and heat them up in the ovens in that are in the aircraft. At the beginning of a four day I am weighed down with food and by the end, my lunch box is a barren wasteland!

You Don’t Handle Bags

Don’t touch that bag! A lot of people assume that we’ll lift bags for them and sometimes for an elderly passenger I will as long as it isn’t heavy, or I’ll ask another passenger to assist me. But the reality is that excessive bag hauling can lead to a lot of neck and back issues. I have enough problems dragging my own bag around - I don’t need yours, too!


Have you thought about becoming a flight attendant?

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Things You Wouldn't Expect About Being a Flight Attendant




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