The Ultimate Time Killers for Travel

Time Killers for Travel

I'm a flight attendant and I travel a lot. For example, I recently went to Croatia and it took around 13 hours and a couple different flights to get there. I also see people every day at my job getting bored and try to keep themselves entertained on the flight. This is where time killers for travel come into play.

Sometimes you've got your entertainment all planned out, but something goes wrong or is ends up different than you thought it would be and ultimately doesn't work out. Stick with me, because I've got some tips to keep yourself entertained on a long flight :)

Create a fresh playlist

The same music can get mundane and boring - make a new playlist just for the flight and don't listen to it until you get on the plane! That way, the music will be fresh for you to listen to.

Bring your own movies

Make sure you have your own device to watch movies on and have something already downloaded. You can't rely on the plane to give you entertainment. When you check in, it will sometimes tell you if there are amenities such as seat back power, TV screens or WiFi. But even then, you want to cover your bases just in case something isn't working! Plan appropriately. 

Bring a new book

I always love to buy a new book to read whenever I go on a trip. I try to pick something that I wouldn't normally read and that usually keeps me pretty interested! If you can't finish it on the plane, you can read it on your trip too.

Have a task to do

My favorite thing on a long flight is to pick a few blog posts to write. Pick a task to do whether it be for work or personal business - just get something done.

Noise Cancelling Headphones

The best thing you can invest in if you like to travel. These will help block out all the distractions and background noises.


I always bring food on my flights because I never know if I'll be able to eat or not and you never want to rely on there being food on the plane. I try to bring oatmeal (just ask your flight attendant for hot water!). Stick to something not too rough on your tummy.


If there is WiFi for purchase and you want to buy, always follow the instructions and purchase on the ground. It's usually less than half the price before takeoff!

Sleep Mask

Be prepared to sleep if it's a long haul, it takes up the most time and makes you feel much better. Bring a sleep mask, earplugs and a comfy sweater or jacket!


What are your favorite things to bring on a flight?

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Time Killers for Travel


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