7 Necessities to Make Your Next Train Ride More Enjoyable

7 Necessities to Make Your Next Train Ride More Enjoyable
7 Necessities to Make Your Next Train Ride More Enjoyable

Gals, trains are one of the best ways you can commute. EVER. No lie. On the West Coast, we have a train company called Amtrak--perfect for those on a commute to work or who are looking for a short trip across the states on vacation.

Every year, I take the train at least once roundtrip and today I'm sharing my ultimate train ride must-haves for a successful and enjoyable trip.


A drug-free treatment for motion sickness, Sea-Band is necessary for your next bumpy train ride. By placing the bands on your wrists, you hit your pressure points and begin to feel better instantly! I swear by these--both in cars and trains.


There may be a cart on the train with nice, expensive meals, but they're just that: expensive. Packing your own snacks will save you tons of dough. Think about whatever travels well. Start with something healthy--some cut cucumbers and carrots, maybe peanut butter and an apple. Then pig out a bit and balance out--bring some chips or your favorite trail mix (chocolate chips allowed!).


Ditch the dramatic gossip mags and opt for an edition of Darling Magazine--the magazine that celebrates real women and their accomplishments. Darling is changing the game, and will certainly keep you company during your ride.


Unless you have a predictable climate for the entire duration of your travels, it's best to dress in layers. If it's warm where you're arriving, wear a maxi dress or other summery ensemble with a jacket or warm wrap to wear over while you're still at home getting ready to depart. This is one of the most necessary tips to remember (and I've forgotten it on many occasions).


Most upgraded trains have WiFi and the best way to pass the time is to bring an electronic device to be your BFF during the travel. If you're a blogger, knock some posts out. If you're a girlboss busy running her own biz, answer emails and prep your content calendars.


Not gonna lie: one of my fondest memories have been meeting people on trains. Of course there's some weirdos you have to weed through, but a majority are very kind and make for great conversation. Even if you don't naturally find yourself connecting with anyone, hey, at least it's fun to people watch!


Call me a germaphobe, but I really can't handle touching surfaces that were overly used by other individuals (and honestly probably not thoroughly cleaned in a long time). Carrying sanitary wipes or a small pocket sanitizer is key to staying healthy and not catching any bug while traveling. Believe me--you'll be much happier in the long run.

What are your favorite train travel tips? Share them in the comments!

7 Necessities to Make Your Train Ride More Enjoyable
7 Necessities to Make Your Train Ride More Enjoyable