10 Amazing Places to See for Your Bucket List

There are a bajillion places I'd love to visit one day, and many of them are on my bucket list. Here's my favorite top 10 amazing places to see and add to your own bucket list. Image via UltraLinx

1. Anarstarpi, Iceland. Public springs of water in the middle of a frozen climate. Ever-changing weather (tornados, anyone?). I dunno, I just see all these photos from an old classmate of mine who's visited Iceland many times and makes everyone around him jealous.

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2. Paris, France. Coffee shops along the street, the Eiffel tower, softly French speaking people.

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3. Santorini, Greece. The architecture just blows me away. Seriously. The glowing white silhouettes, the amazing food and amazing people.

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4. Fairy Pools of the Isle of Skye, Scotland. Not only do I want to visit Scotland to learn of my own genetic history as well as my adoptive grandma's history, but these fairy pools are beauts!

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5. New York, New York. Aaaah... New York City. Shopping, fashion, skyscrapers. My number one dream is to experience New Year's Eve in Times Square. Please?

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6. The Bahamas. Ever since I was a little girl watching that one Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen movie where they stayed at the Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas, my mind has been made up! That waterslide is SICK. Talk about the natural beauty with this photo of the pink sand beach.

Image via MessyNessyChic

7. Austin, Texas. Food trucks, weird people and the best live music around. This is one of the top U.S. hotspots I must visit. Different from the rest of Texas, Austin is comparable to Portland, Oregon.

Image via TheBaliBible

8. Bali, Indonesia. You know what I'm gonna say... it's all about that "Eat, Pray, Love", gurrl. I just want to get lost, meet my spiritual healer and dance with a few Felipes.

Image via Yuri Kriventsoff

9. Mexico. Just anywhere, really. I'd love to speak Spanish someday, eat the local faire and meet their amazing people. This desire in me is so strong due to being half Mexican and growing up in a white family by adoption. This may be the most deeply important visit of all.

Image via From Up North

10. Ireland. Talk about a crazy bridge! Not sure I could muster up the courage to cross this one, but this is one of the various beautiful sights to be seen in Ireland (this one particularly in Cascille, Northern Ireland). Another stop I want to make due to heritage background.

What destinations are on your bucket list?

Love, Kathryn

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