4 Types of Content to Share on Social Media Without Sounding Salesy

Types of Content to Share on Social Media

Have some serious content creator's block? No worries - I've gotcha! As a general rule, you should always be sharing a combination of these 4 types of content to share on social media throughout your feed each month, instead of just sharing promos:


All of your loyal followers adore you and would love to see more of you from behind-the-scenes. Whether this means you are a blogger or a business owner sharing more about your staff or team, or just your personal process, people enjoy seeing the reality of your daily life and not a plastic version of what you want them to see. Balance out staging with candid truths that evoke emotion in your followers.


These pieces of content should inspire your audience to DO something. Whether this is an inspirational quote graphic or a micro blog with a powerful story about a time you overcame something difficult, your social media feeds should be consistently inspirational.


This content should provide education to your audience. It should teach them something they don't already know, call them to action and give content of true value. Whatever your specialty is, it is your duty to teach your audience about it - that's what they're there for! :)


Here's where branded hashtags come in. I'm sure you've heard of those a time or two. Branded hashtags allow users to share their snaps with you, either at a physical location business or using your product/reading your blog, etc. These are testimonials in visual fashion - the best form of social proof around! Branded hashtags create community while providing content options for you to spruce up your feed, aside from simply your own generated content.


What is your favorite type of these 4 to share regularly?
With which do you see the best engagement response?

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Types of Content to Share on Social Media




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