The Ultimate Road Trip Essentials

So, you’re going on a road trip? A long car ride, maybe? I’m all for adventures, but the shorter the ride the better in my book! There’s always a few essentials that we all need to make the experience of awaiting our final destination a little smoother.

First off, you need the items that are going to keep you entertained. For me, it’s a fancy notebook, my iPad (plus portable Blutooth keyboard stand) and my iPhone 6+ with Spotify (despite my gadgets, I’m super cheap and I don’t subscribe to Spotify Premium—I just shuffle play and hit maybe five ads every two hours).

You might consider packing a minor pain killer such as Ibuprofen for any headaches or minor injuries (knock on wood!) you might experience during the trip. Also – don’t forget your makeup for touchups! A facial cleansing wipe might help during those multiple day road trips (my favorites are Yes To Cucumbers and Simple).

Bring the snacks! Something that is going to fill me, like yogurt or cheese and crackers (both protein and carbs) is what I tend to pack. Stay hydrated, too! Especially if your trip or destination includes some sun.

You’re probably asking yourself: “What the heck is that!?”These are Sea-Band. They are: “Drug free nausea, travel, morning sickness and chemotherapy induced nausea relief,” bands, effective by the means of acupressure, placing just the right amount of grip on your wrists to combat queasiness. I often get travel sickness in cars for some reason. I have sworn by these for at least a decade.

If you aren’t the type easily entertained by technology: bring a game! My favorite game that gets you and your road companion(s) talking, but doesn’t involve any physical contents is my very own coined, “Celebrity Game,” which is a version of 20 Questions but guessing your favorite, iconic stars. Start by stating the gender of the individual, then let your friend guess who it is using only yes or no questions. Example: “Are they married?” “Are they much older than me?” The time will pass before you know it! Pssst…the celebrity I’ve stumped a majority of my friends with is Hugh Hefner.

Any item that will soothe, bring pleasure and cure boredom is perfect for my road excursions.

P.S. Sorry for my shaky camera - I was in the car after all!

What are your road trip essentials?

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