Great Eats : VooDoo Doughnut in Portland, OR

"Good things come in pink boxes," is a tagline of VooDoo Doughnut--the famous (maybe "legendary"?) doughnut shop located in the Chinatown/Old Town district of Portland, Oregon, and believe me: they live up to their hype.

When you enter the shop, you are overwhelmed with a large variety of doughnut choices, many of which have hilarious, creatively crude names such as the "Gay Bar," "Old Dirty Bastard," and "Cock-N-Balls."

If you're visiting Portland for the first time, this is the must-go tourist hotspot. Visited by travel and food guru Anthony Bourdain during his "No Reservations" series for Travel Channel, the shop grew in fame almost overnight.

Because VooDoo is open 24 hours, I would recommend making your late night doughnut stop here, beating the hour-long lines in the heat of the afternoon (especially weekends). There are also multiple locations that attract less tourists.

My only complaint: I wish they made gluten-free doughnuts. It is Portland, after all. However, vegans are in luck! Great dietary mods can be found here.

VooDoo Doughnut
22 SW 3rd Ave. Portland, OR 97204

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