Why I Decided to Outsource and You Should, Too

Why I Decided to Outsource

We can't do everything as business owners. It's not feasible that we can keep up with all of the various client emails that come through (heavy emphasis on the VARIOUS), our invoicing and bookkeeping and also do the nitty gritty tasks that require a lot of time and patience. The latter was the catalyst as to why I decided to outsource and strongly encourage you to.

In November 2017, I hired a new member of my team, Kayla who has brightened my life and never failed to bring a smile to my face or a laugh to my belly! She serves as Fashionably Frank Marketing's Community Engagement Coordinator, a role that manages the social media outreach and Pinterest strategy for various clients, in addition to a few other misc. tasks.

There are so, so, SO many reasons why I decided to outsource, but here's a few:

I can do a better job for my clients

By outsourcing some of the nitty gritty stuff to someone else, I am able to do a better job for my clientele by reserving my time to the high-level tasks and copywriting that I do on an almost-daily basis. I am able to take my time to craft impactful, meaningful copy that converts and not rush through any of my daily duties.

Each client is unique and I serve many different niches, from nonprofit causes to corporate influencers. Clients have unique offerings and need different forms of digital marketing to elevate their brands. It's equally important that I'm able to focus on the differences between.

I can celebrate another individual's talents

Adding Kayla to my team allows me to also celebrate HER and her unique talents, showcasing her skills and giving her a nice chunk of change to utilize them.

She has since discovered a path that she's truly passionate about and I get to help mentor her on some of the things she didn't know about digital marketing prior to working with me, while she mentors me on her eye for design.

It's a 50/50 relationship - something I've never shared with someone before. I fiercely believe in the notion that a boss is not meant to rule over their staff and all us humans are meant to learn from each other and respect each other as equals. The archaic way of leadership that we're so used to in our office spaces and corporations is dying out with good-hearted entrepreneurs and I'm so proud to be a part of that monumental shift.

I swore to myself that I would never put Kayla in an uncomfortable spot, leave her without income at short notice, keep a facade of secrecy and put myself first among all, or keep my distance as a stern boss and nothing more - values that not many hold in our society and certainly don't consider for subcontractors. We're a team for a purpose and I choose her for a reason. One of my jobs is to uplift and encourage her.

I can obtain a work/life balance

With Kayla manning the daily, ongoing tasks and me taking on the heavy duty, lengthy tasks, we balance each other's workload and both obtain work/life balance, allowing us to make a living while spending time with our loved ones and hobbies.

We aren't chained to a 9-5 desk job, we can work on our own time as we please and set our own rules. It's not just me or just her - we are a team and proud of it.

I received a better understanding of my biz values

Having someone to bounce client hardships off of and vent to, I have found a confidant in Kayla - someone who gets it as a fellow creative and service-based entrepreneur. People who sell products just don't know the experience of someone who works on contract, and vice versa. With her graphic design background, Kayla experiences similar things.

Through our work together, I have discovered that we are very heart-centered workers - we lead with our emotions and sentiment, ridding ourselves of the boring analytical thoughts and dry business mindset. We play and work all at once, discovering the best sides of ourselves and client relationships that we value oh-so-much.

By working with Kayla, I have a new-found respect for myself as a business owner with valid feelings, struggles and wins. I now allow myself to take more breaks, take better self-care and set boundaries when clients have unrealistic expectations. I have pushed myself to be a better entrepreneur, a better supervisor and a better person.

I have learned how to communicate my values and mission to my leads even better, establishing expectations and concepts early on to avoid later conflict. To accept that I don't need EVERYONE and that I won't actually be the best fit for everyone. To allow myself to not be such a workaholic 24/7.

I'm no longer in it alone

The sweetest part about it all? I'm no longer in this alone. I know, pause for the deliriously happy tears! With Kayla, I no longer have to be a solopreneur - I have someone I can cry to on bad days and cheers with on great days. Someone who helps me obtain new clientele, helps me share our mission to those curious and is an integral part of my baby business (that's not so baby anymore!), believing in it and building me up in the process, always reminding me that we will someday take over the world. You heard it here first, folks!


Have you considered outsourcing? How do you attain the best balance in your biz?

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Why I Decided to Outsource




Kathryn is the lead contributor + founder at FashionablyFrank.com. Obsessed with leading a life of balance, she started the blog in 2013. Since graduating college in 2016, she is now a digital marketing specialist through her business, Fashionably Frank Marketing. She believes a cup of coffee is the answer to life's problems + that all women should embrace a #girlboss mantra.